Triund Trek for the First-Timers A Complete Guide

Triund Trek for the First-Timers – A Complete Guide

Never been on a walk before? Are you thinking about going on a family trek? Triund Trek is one of India's top Himalayan treks for beginners and families. Here's our tale and a comprehensive guide to the Triund Trek in Mcleodganj to help you plan your own.

My parents should have introduced me to hiking when I was young.

Anyway, I didn't want to make the same mistake again, so I exposed my son to the world of trekking as soon as he felt comfortable with the concept.

Trekking or hiking, in my opinion, is an excellent approach for youngsters to acquire self-assurance, diligence, determination, and a feeling of responsibility. It's amazing how just one trekking trip can change and mould the kids.

Introduce your children to this unrivalled sport and watch as my words become real for you.

Beginners' Complete Guide to the Triund Trek

I had so much fun on my first trek to Triund Trek with my husband and son that I decided to share my experience as well as some advice to encourage others to trek with children.

Continue reading to learn how we hiked Triund in one day with our 9 years old son and how you can too. But, before we get into the details of the walk, you need know how to prepare for trekking and what to wear when hiking.

The Dharamkot is a lovely Place.

Dharamkot in Himachal Pradesh's Kangra district, begins above Dharamshala, where the Main Bus Stand connected with Mcleodganj

Dharmashala is breathtakingly gorgeous, and it moves your spirit.

Some of the charming places near Dharamshala include Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsu, Naddi View Point, Tea Garden, Churches, Temples and Cricket Studium.

Triund Trek Snow blog

Himachal Pradesh's Mini Switzerland.

I'd been hearing a lot about Dharamshala, and it grew my interest with its diverse culture, food, and abundant natural beauty.

Dharamshala is well-known among travellers and those who enjoy getting high

The area provides a fantastic blend of Israeli culture, stunning scenery, and untouched nature.

Though Dharamshala is a good place for a family vacation, you can't deny the satisfaction that comes from doing something out of the norm.

The strange is beautiful!

How to Get from Delhi to Dharamshala

Dharamshala is best accessed by road since who wants to miss out on the breathtaking scenery? For those looking for adventure, it's a terrific weekend excursion from Delhi.

You can drive yourself or hire a cab. Taking a private bus or Volvo from Majnu Ka Tila or Rama Krishna Ashram Metro Station in Delhi or Zingbus, Bakshi Transport, Bhageshwari, HRTC Himsuta Volvo from ISBT Kashmiri Gate is another option; however, if you are coming by bus, you must get off at Dharamshala and catch another bus to Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, or Bhagsu, depending on where you have booked your stay.

The Volvos usually leave in the late evening.

Volvo Bus blog

A Beautiful Drive from Delhi to Dharamshala

We prepared a 5 days itinerary that included stops in Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsu, Naddi and Bir Billing for adventure activities (Paragliding).

If you have additional time, including Snowline Trek and the Indrahar Pass Trek in your itinerary. Read on to learn how to organise a trip to Indrahar.

The walk to Dharamshala Triund was out of the question. We didn't have any hiking experience, and we were convinced it would be difficult with our young son, who can't even go up to a nearby market without moaning about leg pain.

We drove from Delhi to Dharamshala via Chandigarh. It was approximately 500 kilometres and took us 10 hours on NH44 NH154.

It was an incredible 10-hours journey from Delhi to Dharamshala, where we saw magnificent Places on the way Chandigrah, Roop Nagar, Anandpur Sahib, Nangal, Una, Amb, Kangra partial view of Kangra Fort from the Himalayas.

The Green farms accompanied us from Roop Nagar to the Kangra, and once we entered the Kangra the Mountain hut house became our regular companion.

The highlight of our road trip was going through the 3 km-long Nangal Dam, one of India's Biggest Dam.

Accommodation in Dharamkot and Mcleodganj

For the next 5 days in Dharamshala, we stayed at Thrillomania Hostel Panoramic view of Bhagsu Waterfall

A wooden cabin surrounded by Cedar trees and surrounded by a magnificent garden, with views of the snow-covered Himalayas and overlooking the Waterfall - Ah! Consider what happens when the waters sound becomes the alarm clock!

You'll never snooze!

We found Thrillomania Hostel to be one of the lovely stay options in Mcleodganj.

Hostel Mcleodganj

A Trek to Remember

It was unintentional. What is going on?

Nobody would want to journey 9 km in one direction with an 9-year-old child, let alone to a site like Triund, which is notorious (or famous) for reasons of its own.

But it did occur!

With our young son, we hiked up to Triund and then down to Dharamkot Gallu Temple on the same day.

What follows is history!

How We Planned the Unplanned Aspects of from the Mcleodganj

We visited every location on our plan in 4 days, and we purposely left the 4 day free because there is no better way to appreciate nature than by simply relaxing by a waterfall view while surrounded by mountains and tall Deodar trees?

But destiny had its own plans that didn’t match ours.

Why can't we take on Triund Trek, my son enquired with curiosity?

I told her about the level of difficulty and how it wasn't appropriate for his. He declared that he intends to go there, possibly for a 3- to 4-kilometer hike, and then return.

I was nervous and afraid. When we asked the locals about the trek, they thought it was very plausible. Of course, it was their interpretation based on their own endurance and wisdom.

Triund Trek blog

Mcleodganj to Dharamkot

Around 3 kilometres separate Dharamkot from Mcleodganj, the Triund trek's beginning point Gallu Devi Temple.

We had a driver and a car of our own. From Mcleodganj to Dharamkot, one can take a taxi or cab or opt for a budget-friendly by walk and enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains.

So, our plan was to trek up to Magic view café and relax have tea and snacks and come down

In Mcleodganj, you might be able to discover a few homestays. Dharamkot is only 3 kilometres uphill from Mcleodganj and can be used as a base for the night because it has a variety of accommodations ranging from homestays to guesthouses to hotels.

Trekking Distance to Triund?

The distance between Mcleodganj and Triund is around 9 km, depending on the route used.

When is the best time to go on the Triund Trek?

Summer and autumn are the finest seasons to visit Triund. May, June, September, and October are the greatest months.

The Difficulty Level of the Triund Trek?

As I previously stated, it is a relatively easy hike that may be completed with children.

Triund, at 2825m above sea level, is the finest trek for beginners.

Dharamshala blog

Mcleodganj to Triund – Route Options

There are two routes to reach Triund from Mcleodganj:

1. Through Bhagsu Waterfall and Karthani (8 km) - Difficult to climb, easier to descend, and gives spectacular views (excellent for photographers). It has fewer trees and foliage; more tiny hamlets along the path, making it a little exhausting on bright sunny days.

2. Gallu Temple (9 km) - Easier to climb, more difficult to descend. It is ideally suited for bright sunny days due to its thick flora and impenetrable woodlands. This is a lesser-known route that people normally avoid because there is a risk of getting lost owing to deep forest. Ideal for first-timers and trekkers with little stamina like us.

Yes, Dharamkot to Triund is also an option!

Mana is a lovely hamlet recognised as the last village in Dharamkot.

Dharamkot village is reached through a tiny road that branches off from Mcleodganj near the Gallu Devi Temple. One may either drive up to the village, which is extremely bumpy, or walk up, which takes around 45 minutes.

When you arrive in Bhagsu, you will be greeted with breathtaking views of the Waterfall. You can spend a day relaxing in Bhagsu while appreciating the breathtaking vistas of sparkling snow-capped peaks as the sun's first and last rays fall on them.

The mountains look even more vibrant in the night. Bhagsu has a few good guesthouses and homestays.

Once you pass through the village of Dalai Lama Temple, the road to Triund joins the same Dharamkot path.

Place to stay in Bhagsu

Bhagsu you with the greatest views of Dharamkot. You'll almost certainly get a room with a view here.

When you gaze out your window, the sight of snow-capped mountain peaks surrounded by green pine trees floods your senses.

Though there aren't many places to stay in Bhagsu, it's a good idea to plan ahead of time.

Check out the list of Bhagus properties for availability and prices.

Mana Village - A Breath of Fresh Air

We clearly went the Mana path.

We were amazed by the beauty of this charming little village exuding the calm that every one of us desires these days after a 1 hour trekking led us there.

We sipped hot tea at a nearby cafe as our son ate Maggi with amazing views. The folks of Mana were friendly and joyful.

They pushed us to walk to Triund with our son because it was not prudent to leave such a lovely site undiscovered when you are so close to it.

Places to Stay in Leta Mana

If you want to stay somewhere quieter than Mcleodganj or Mana, Leta has many lovely possibilities.

Mana is one of the most beautiful location near Mcleodganj. It's really good!

A peaceful village where time stands still. The Himalayas, apple orchards, verdant pastures, and colourful flowers Is there anything else you need to be happy?

Some of the places to stay in Mana include Holy Cow Cafe And Beds, Sacred Garden, Thrillomania Homestay and Mana Homestay.

They are ideal for lone travellers, but they can also be suitable for families who prefer mountains to comfort and luxury.

With so many homestays on the way, I doubt Mana will remain as clean or unique as it is now.

I suppose travellers will then head to Mana and Leta for some much-needed peace and quiet.

It felt strange having no plans for the road ahead of us with a small child with us.

We were simply carrying a small rucksack containing a bottle of water and an extra set of clothes for our son.

Water, food, and lodging were not an issue because there were multiple cafes on the route to Triund and numerous places to stay in Triund.

The trip was the issue. With so many unanswered doubts, we surrendered to our son's decision and resumed our trek to Triund from Mana.

It appeared simple at first, with open fields and lush green forests, until we crossed a bridge built of wood logs.

After a 6 kilometer Trek, the Triund became more difficult. We made it a point to ask for directions at every cafe along the road so we didn't get lost.

There were fallen trees and rocks along the route, and it became frightening as we went on.

The Rain Gods Have Joined Our Venture - (Add)venture

As if that weren't enough, it began to rain heavily.

The tracks became muddy and difficult to walk on, creating dangerous walking conditions. We felt bad about bringing our son here unprepared (no raincoats or ponchos).

On the journey, there were no children or families; only males' gangs (typical backpackers and professional trekkers) and students

I'm still getting tremors as I write this. A couple youngsters on the way told us not to go further since it's not safe in this weather and the Triund is solely for hippies.

But it was too late to turn around because we had already covered more than half the distance.

On the way, we took shelter in a tent and waited for the rain to stop. A British couple waited with us in the same tent, and chatting with them helped us relax.

We restarted as it was continuously pouring. The trip took us 5 hours, yet residents and cafe owners we met along the route got to Triund in less than 2 hours.

Consider the endurance of these Himalayan men. They walk up and down every other day without getting tired or upset.

On the journey to Triund, we drank water from waterfalls, and trust me, I hadn't experienced water with such a delicious and delicate flavour, full of oxygen, refreshingly chilly, and digestible.

It was heavenly. We've travelled in India and overseas, and we've seen and done so much, but for the first time in my life, I realised that the trip is more essential and beautiful than the destination.

It's a breathtaking journey where physical pain or tiredness feels like a breeze.

We forgot about the stress of the journey once we arrived at Triund and absorbed in the other-worldly beauty of the dream-like surroundings. Lush green meadows, clouds lowering into the valley, and natural hot springs encircled by snow-capped Himalayas.

Would you like more?

How does one feel?

Serendipity. Euphoria. Virgin surroundings gets you high on happiness, and the Shiva temple at the top gets you high on spirituality.

I felt connected to both mother nature and God. I was stunned as I entered Lord Shiva's temple, which carries enormous spiritual value.

How We Unplanned the Planned

The original intention was to reserve a camp and room stay overnight at Triund, but that was amended later due to certain aspects that were not suited for children.

There were no decent or clean places to stay or eat with children, and the weather was terrible. Remember, we were unprepared! We needed to take a risk.

It was 3:40 p.m. already. Calculations showed that if we walked continually without stopping for longer periods of time, we would arrive in Dharamkot by 8 p.m. The descent takes significantly less time.

Places to Stay in Triund

There aren't many lodging options for families travelling with children. There are private rooms, tented accommodations, and common areas such as dormitories.

They are, nonetheless, adequate for hikers. There is also a possibility of pitching your own tent by renting a site at Triund for a small charge.

Triund Eating places

On the way to Triund cafes and small restaurants that serve basic food.

The meal is overpriced since, well, you're sitting and eating at 2825m. How does the food get to the top, you ask?

Update on the Triund Trek*

According to the most recent reports, cafes, restaurants, and lodging facilities (commercial operations), prohibited in Triund. After obtaining a permit from the forest department, you can still trek up to Triund. The authorization will be given if you meet specific restrictions, Please bring your waste with you. Because of the ecologically delicate terrain, the step is greatly appreciated. It is past time for travellers to adopt ethical and sustainable travel practises.

How We Travelled Triund down to Dharamkot Gallu Temple

We began our descent with our fingers crossed. We took the Rudranag route down because it was said to be shorter and less steep than the Mana path.

The trek begins by trekking through dense pine forests before abruptly changing to farms and villages after crossing an snow path over a rushing creek.

The thundering water stream and massive waterfalls that flow along the Triund trip are intriguing, exhilarating, and noteworthy elements.

We walked across multiple streams. The deafening sound of the water displays nature's perilously lovely side.

Small villages along the path entice you to stop and marvel at the beauty of simplicity. Villagers are extremely straightforward, helpful, and cheerful.

When one of the ladies in Karthani village saw our fatigued little son, he greeted us and offered us a place to rest in his home for a while, but we gently declined, stating we couldn't afford to take a break. He praised and blessed our daughter.

The Final Stage

4 kilometres to go, dog-tired, legs refusing to go, almost defeated, a mountain kid lifted our spirits. He went effortlessly from one stone to the next, swinging on the tiny walkways and singing Himachali melodies; clearly, it was a usual occurrence for him.

The cheerful guarantee, "Bas thoda sa aur chalna hoga!" rejuvenated us. "Aap Gallu pahunch jayenge bas 30 minute aur aap neeche pahunch jayenge." (Just 30 minutes and you'll be down) and the boy's casual demeanour. We gladly followed him.

When we arrived in Barshiani, it was dark. Our driver was already waiting for us. Amazed by what we've conquered (technically, we walked more than 18 kilometres in a single day), car while coming back to our hostel in Mcleodganj.

What did we gain?

Well. We found ourselves again. We experienced genuine intimacy with God. The walk revived our relationship with nature.

You never know what you're capable of unless you're forced to.

I wouldn't want to return to this fake world of fulfilment and apologetic judgements if given the choice. The journey left me with a lot to think about.

Before You Leave

    1. It's best to start a journey early in the morning, around 8 a.m., because it usually rains after 2, making walking tough.

    2. Bring a torch or headlight, a light towel, poncho or raincoat, a warm jacket, travel soap, toilet paper, tissues, snacks, Flip Flops slippers, Sunglasses, Strong backpack, A torch, 2pairs of socks, Photo ID proof, Walking poles, Personal care medications, a recyclable water bottle and cash.

    3. I would not have suggested going up and down from Triund on the same day since I felt it too dangerous and tiring, especially with a child. One should relax and enjoy the fairy-tale-like surroundings for a day,The following morning, travel to Dharamkot Gallu Temple.

    4. Last but not least, respect the environment. Take responsibility. Be a responsible tourist and traveller. Do not leave your rubbish everywhere. All of the eateries along the way have trash cans. Carry all disposable rubbish in your bag and dispose of it later in a trash can. Don't ruin nature's peace by being a flashy visitor.

What is the Triund Trek cost?

The cost of the Triund Trek is determined by several factors, including the season, mode of transportation, and lodging. In general, it can Triund Trek Cost between INR 800 to INR 1000 per person Delhi to Dharamshala Volvo Bus price around INR 1200-1500.

Disclaimer: The relies on good weather conditions. There may be circumstances when we need to cancel due to bad weather conditions or unavoidable circumstances without any advance notice.

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