Savana Durga, a trekking paradise near Bangalore

Savana Durga, a trekking paradise near Bangalore

His one of the most visited and most popular places for hikers is Savana Durga Hills. Not far from Bangalore city, just 2 hours drive is a delightful experience. One of the best places for hiking is the Savannadurga Hills, not far from Bangalore city. This was the filming location for David Lean's film Passage to India. This hill rises to an average of 1226 meters above sea level. SavanaDurga is located on Magadi Road. Savanna Durga is a trekking enthusiast's paradise and a beautiful place to spend a weekend full of fun experiences.

SavanaDurga is located on Magadi Road. It is about 70 km away from Bangalore city. Magadi Road, also known as State Highway, does not meet the requirements.

How to get to Savana Durga Hills

Savana Durga is located on Magadi Road, also known as State Road 17E. After reaching about 50 km, a monolithic rock structure comes into view.

Turn left onto the motorway and drive another 12 km, then turn left again and drive 3 km. At the end of this 3 km section is SavanaDurga.

Find out more about Savana Durga Hills

No fees or permissions are required to access the site. It is a tourist attraction open to all visitors who enjoy hiking and spending free time in nature with their families on weekends. If you are not a hiker and want to reach the top of the hill, you should pay a small fee of about Rs. $50-$100 for him for a little boy who will take you to the top of the hill. If you prefer to venture without a guide, the temple is easily reached by following the signs and clues provided.

@SavanaDurga what do you see there?

It is a monolith with a temple and a fortress on top of the hill. The temple is dedicated to Sri Bhasaveswara, Narsimhaswami and Sri Veerabhadrawami and is visited daily by devotees.

Important points to consider when traveling to Savanna Durga

There are no hotels at the top of the hill, you have to bring your own food, and very limited snack options at the foot of the hill. The hills can be wet, so rubber shoes should be worn when climbing the hills. No accommodation on the hill