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Luxury camping in Kasol, India, is a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the region while enjoying the comforts of a high-end camping experience. Some luxury camping options in Kasol include glamping tents with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and other amenities such as electricity, hot water, and room service. These tents are often located in secluded areas with beautiful views, and may include activities such as hiking, rafting, and yoga. Luxury camping in Kasol is a great way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in nature.

To book luxury camping in Kasol, you can search online for providers that offer the type of experience you are looking for. Some popular options include:

  • "Camping in Kasol" which offer a range of luxury camping options and packages, including glamping tents and activities such as river rafting and trekking.
  • "Camping in Himalayas" which offers luxury camping experiences in the Parvati Valley, including Kasol. They offer a range of glamping tents and other amenities such as hot water, electricity, and room service.
  • "Nature's nest camping" offers luxury camping in Kasol with a great deal of packages and amenities such as yoga, bonfire, and trekking.
  • When booking, be sure to read reviews, check availability, and compare prices to find the best option for your needs.
  • It's always a good idea to book early to avoid disappointment as luxury camping in Kasol is quite popular, specially during the peak seasons.
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    LUXURY Camping in Kasol

    Best Place to stay in Kasol however it is 1.5 km down away from Main Market. The place is quite calm and environmentally rich.
    Camping in Kasol Provides Camping in Kasol Call @ 9958308506 defines the natural camping in Himachal Pradesh with a sound of River Parvati streams.

    Listing Dragon Fly Forest Camps Treks with the Budget Hotels when you travel to Kasol Parvati Valley. Help on Guest House Stay Accomodation and things to do in Kasol is a great help for Tourist visiting Kasol Himachal Pradesh

    As per the details published on the website of its a A quintessential trek for first-time, the Hampta Circular trek is tailor made for those looking to experience the Himalayan adventures! The Easiest access point for this trek is from base camp (15 miles) unlike most treks that start from a remote village. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    This expedition is open to members who are 15 years above and physically fit. This condition will be adhered to strictly. Under age will not be considered in any case.

    Tented accommodation will be provided with sharing basis. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    FOOD & WATER SUPPLIES: Simple, nutritious vegetarian meals will be provided.

    WHAT PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING ALONG: Cotton Shirts, Slacks, Cotton Pants, Woolen sweaters or Jackets, Sun Cap, Trekking Shoes, Socks, Enameled or Steel Mug / tumbler, Plate, Spoon, lunch box, Water purifying tablets, Pen knife , Needle, Thread, Spare buttons, Goggles, Cold Cream / Vaseline, Soap, Toilet Paper, Towel, medicines which you normally use at home, Camera. Light-rain coat. Luxury Camping in Kasol
    Online Booking: Members desirous of joining this programme may apply online by paying requisite program fee along with online booking amount i.e. Rs.5250/- (Rs.5000/- Program Fee + Rs.250/- Online Booking Amount) per participant.

    After successful transaction Admit Card will be generated. Participant has to carry “Admit Card”, “Trekking Medical Certificate” & “Membership Card”(Print out of membership card may also be accepted) at the time of reporting to the Base Camp.

    Offline Booking: Members desirous of joining this programme may also apply on the prescribed “Trekking Registration Form” duly supported by a “Trekking Medical Certificate”, along with a DD of requisite amount of Rs.5000/-(per participant.) in favor of “ Youth Hostels Association of India” payable at New Delhi. The Trekking registration Form, Trekking Medical Form and DD may be sent to following address: Luxury Camping in Kasol

    • Day 01: Reporting Base Camp 15 Miles
    • Day 02: Orientation and Acclimatization.
    • Day 03: Rock Climbling and Rappelling.
    • Day 04: By bus to Jagatsukh (2015m) 7 km away from Manali, Jagatsukh to Tilgan (2430m) 5 hour trek (6 to 7kms).
    • Day 05: Tilgan to Sarotu (3380m) 5 to 6 hours trek (6 to 7 kms).
    • Day 06: Sarotu to full day hike maximum height 4200 mtre Trek to Deb Tibba Base and back to Sarotu.
    • Day 07: Sarotu to Sethan via Jabri Nallah, overnight stay at Sethan.
    • Day 08: Sethan to Prini distance 9 Kms, from Prini by Bus back to our base camp via Manali.
    • Day 09: Checkout after breakfast.
    • Note: program schedule and route is subject to change without prior notice as per

    Youth Hostel-“15 Miles” is 20 kms from Kullu. near end of Span Resort. Get down at Ballu’s Cafe – Baba Deluxe Dhaba on the Delhi- Kullu Manali National Highway. With a panoramic view of surrounding mountains. Regular bus services are available for Kullu from Delhi, Chandigarh & Punjab. Every bus from Kullu to Manali is passed from 15 Miles . The nearest Railway Stations are Ambala& Chandigarh & the nearest Airport is Bhuntar. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    SAR PASS Himalayan Trek 2015 Schedule 11 Days and 10 Nights
    Sar Pass Himalayan Trekking by is one of the best , all time memorable Treks one must experience. The Trek itself is very beautiful for the Shivalik snow clad Mountain Ranges of the Great Himalayas. The Beauty of Sar Pass trek is , the Trekkers were exploded with natural beauty of the Himalaya, with every single step of there trek. From the freezing cold spring water to the heavy snow clean white miles of open mountains. A Love at first sight can be experienced here. Once in Lifetime – A Must have trek in India, Specially for the Himalaya. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Here is the Schedule for the 2015 Sar Pass Himalayan Trekking

    Day 1:- Reporting at Base Camp, Youth Hostel Kasol.
    Day 2:- Acclimatization and Orientation.
    Day 3:- Rock climbing and rappelling.
    Day 4:- Trek to Youth Hostel Grahan Ht 7,700 ft,9 km, 5hrs.)
    Day 5:- Trek to Youth Hostel Padri (Ht 9,300 ft,9 km, 6 hrs.)
    Day 6:- Trek to Youth Hostel Ratapani (11,200ft,10 km, 6 hrs.)
    Day 7:- Trek to Youth Hostel Nagaru (12,500ft, 8 kms,5 hrs.)
    Day 8:- Trek to Youth Hostel Beskari (11,000ft,14 kms, 8 hrs.)
    Day 9:- Trek to Youth Hostel Bhandak Thatch (8,000ft,12 kms, 6 hrs.)
    Day 10:- Trek to Barshani road (6,600ft,10 kms, 5.5 hrs.) transfer by bus to Base camp Kasol.
    Day 11:- Camp breaks after breakfast.

    REPORTING DATES: There will be 50 participants in each reporting dates between 1st-May-2015 to 10th-June-2015

    For SAR Pass trail, our base camp is at Kasol which is linked by road from Kullu via Bhuntar, it is 5kms short of Manikaran, famous for hot water springs, Regular bus services are available from Kullu and Bhuntar to reach Kasol, Direct Buses are also available to Manikaran from Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab. Base Camp Kasol is linked with Delhi- Kullu- Manali highway via Bhuntar. Bhuntar is 11km short from Kullu. Nearest railheads are Ambala and Chandigarh. Nearest Airport is Bhuntar. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Kasol Base Camp site Youth Hostel
    Youth Hostel at Base Camp Kasol Himachal Pradesh. Ready for the Sarpass trek. The Base Camp is situated just beside the river Parvati and you can enjoy her flow every moment while mummering the coldest nights under the tents.

    2014 Sarpass Trek Schedule 11 days
    Here is the list of Days with the Schedule for the 2014 Sarpass Trekking in the Himalayan Parvati Valley. For some experiences of trekkers in click here , you get more relevant facts and reviews. Check out the Pictures also. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    DURATION OF THE PROGRAM: 11 Days and 10 Nights

    Day 1:- Reporting at Base Camp, Youth Hostel Kasol. (CLICK HERE)

    Day 2:- Acclimatization and Orientation. (Click to see)

    Day 3:- Rock climbing and rappelling. (Click Here)

    Day 4:- Trek to Youth Hostel Grahan (Ht 7,700 ft,9 km, 5hrs.).

    Day 5:- Trek to Youth Hostel Padri (Ht 9,300 ft,9 km, 6 hrs.).

    Day 6:- Trek to Youth Hostel Ratapani (11,200ft,10 km, 6 hrs.).

    Day 7:- Trek to Youth Hostel Nagaru (12,500ft, 8 km,5 hrs.).

    Day 8:- Trek to Youth Hostel Beskari (11,000ft,14 km, 8 hrs.).

    Day 9:- Trek to Youth Hostel Bhandak Thatch (8,000ft,12 km, 6 hrs.).

    Day 10:- Trek to Barshani road (6,600ft,10 km, 5.5 hrs.), transfer by bus to Base camp Kasol.

    Day 11:- Camp breaks after breakfast.

    Beskari Campsite Sarpass trek

    Bhandak Thatch Campsite Sarpass Trek
    The Sarpass Himalayan trekking comes with this very beautiful Campsite, which is called as the Switzerland of the trek. Surrounded by the Christmas trees and the medows of dusky clouds , plated with the White bright Snow covered mountains in all the corners its the most memorable place to spent a night. You can hear the Bears sound in the night, and the heavy snow falls to amaze you at the end of the trekking. Enjoy it! Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Snow Cover Top Himalayan Trek Photos
    Just look at these stunning Landscapes of Himalayan Mountains From the Top , by the Trekkers. Thanks for the Contribution to the Photos by Varun, Savitri, Sankalp, Yatinji at the Sarpass trek.

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    If you are seeking fun and relaxation and spend time in the lap of nature if you are a Tracker that loves to explore virgin hills and natural elements like fountains or lakes etc then Lee Camp Kasol will give you the right way to fulfill your dreams and your destination. Luxury Camping in Kasol

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    People who are passionate, who have visit new places, People who want to do Trakking and Camping. We believe that as a team these people can achieve more than as individuals The camping experience comes from Nature with others and sharing ideas.

    15+ Popular Places in kasol You Want To Go!
    Kasol is a hamlet in the district Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, northern India. It is situated in Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River, on the way between Bhuntar and Manikaran. It is located 31.2 km from Bhuntar and 5 km from Manikaran. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    A destination bestowed with all of nature’s blessings, Kasol is known for its Israeli inhabitants,Parvati river, trekking base-camp and Malana. A tourist hub for Israelis, with signs of various cafes and restaurants in Hebrew serving great food, of cuisines from around the world.

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    If you are seeking fun and relaxation and spend time in the lap of the nature, if you are a Trakker that love to explore virgin hills and natural element like fountain or lakes etc then Lee Camps Kasol will give you right way to fulfill your dreams and your destination. Camping in Kasol

    The Perfect Surrounding!
    A state of Nirvana, Kasol is not just a serene village but also a paradise for hipsters from all over the world. Tucked in the Parvati Valley in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol lies near Manali separated on the way to Manikaran. Kasol tourism will take you through the beauty of silence and simple lifestyle. Luxury Camping in Kasol

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    Top 5 Things To Do In Kasol!
    Traveling in Kasol
    Beautiful places are often hidden away in the most easily accessible of places. To those of us with less money than enthusiasm, Himachal is like a gift from God. To escape the stresses of a mundane life, Parvati Valley in Himachal is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Starting at the confluence of River Parvati and River Beas, the valley is famous for its pretty as a picture coniferous forests and crystal clear mountain streams. Nestled in these sylvan hills is the charming village of Kasol. Kasol is a hamlet in the district Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, northern India. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Manikaran Sahib
    Manikaran is just about 6 km from Kasol so you can take a hike or hitch a ride, whatever suits you. Manikaran Sahib is a huge Gurudwara tucked between imposing hills and a fierce Beas. The high point of the Manikaran Sahib is the hot spring located within the premise of the Gurudwara. The devout take a dip here to wash their sins and illnesses away as the spring water is believed to have healing properties. The ‘Langar’ is delicious and wholesome. It is a fact that the rice is cooked in the hot water from the spring. You have to take off your footwear and cover your head in respect before entering the holy Gurudwara. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Try Israeli Food
    Apart from being a hippie paradise, Kasol is also a haven for great food, albeit little known. Tucked amidst wilderness, in a remote corner of the world, Kasol is flocked by young Israelis. Hence the name Mini Israel. The influence is clearly visible in the Hebrew inscribed signboards and abundantly available Israeli food. When in Kasol don’t hunt for fancy. Streetside cafes serve excellent food. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    The Parvati River
    Nothing like a nice stroll down a crackling, churning, and frothing Parvati river on one side and looming pine trees on the other. Clean white sand and smooth boulders separate the lush green grass from the tumbling blue-green water of the river. Every bend in the river opens up to an exciting vista of pine trees, cliffs, and waterfalls. All this is framed with snow-capped peaks piercing the happy blue sky at the horizon. A great site to take those pictures you could show off on your wall. Kasol camp fulfills your dreams and handling your needs with care so please visit here. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Malana or Tosh
    Malana or Tosh is famous for its distinct culture and the temple of Jamlu Devta. The people of this quiet hamlet live in self-imposed isolation. They believe themselves to be the descendants of Aryans and that the purity of their race would be compromised by interaction with outsiders. A visitor in Malana cannot touch their wall, to the extent that they wash their walls with the blood of a buffalo if an outsider happens to touch it. Shocking, right? Not to them! They have their own government and do not consider themselves within the jurisdiction of the Indian government. Most say it is a cover for a raging industry of cannabis. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Stroll to the local flea market to pick souvenirs for family and friends. The flea market of Kasol sells items like semi-precious stones, pendants, and other trinkets. Bob Marley T-shirts abound alongside that of Lord Shiva, incidentally both pot-smoking icons. Winter clothing like pullovers, caps, and coats can be bought at astoundingly low prices. 

    Best Places To Visit In Kasol!
    Walking by the Parvati River!
    Flowing through the Parvati Valley, River Parvati is one of the best places to visit in Kasol. Picturesque landscapes of the valley and pleasant riverside make this place exceptionally beautiful than other places in Himachal Pradesh. Luxury Camping in Kasol

    Visit Manikaran Sahib!
    Manikaran Sahib, just 6 km from Kasol, is built between the two rivers – Beas and Parvati. Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara that welcomes thousands of Hindu and Sikh devotees throughout the year. The hot spring located within the premise of the Gurudwara is the peculiarity of this place.

    trek to Kheer Ganga!
    The Kheer Ganga trek, probably one of the easiest treks to do in Kasol, is amongst the best places to visit in Kasol. Trek to Kheer Ganga is a nine km, four-hour steep climb on narrow and tricky trails. Reaching the Kheer Ganga peak is satisfying in all senses of the world. Camping in Kasol

    Tirthan Valley!
    Tirthan Valley, located at around 60 km from Kasol, has a magnificent view, no concrete roads, all just stuns the tourists that visit this place. One can relax beside the river and trek through the jungle to discover a waterfall in the midway. Tirthan Valley is one of the best places for outings from Kasol

    Manali located more than 2000 m above sea level, is within the proximity of around 80 km from Kasol. Renowned for its snow-clad mountains, Manali is an extremely beautiful and satisfying tourist destination. Manali has scenic beauty as well many activities for tourists. Skiing, paragliding, trekking, and many other adventurous activities are available here for the visitors. Luxury Camping in Kasol
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    Pulga Village!
    At a distance of around 16 km, locates is this famous place to visit in Kasol known as Pulga. Pulga is known for temple or Gurudwara in Parvati valley. It has a large number of foreign tourists visiting throughout the year. Being an offbeat destination, Pulga is well-known among backpackers.

    Naggar Village!
    Naggar village is a lesser-known village in Kasol. It has temples, military structures, and museums making it one of the best places to visit Kasol. One should explore Naggar village to experience the rural beauty of this village. Luxury Camping in Kasol