Angles Landing Trails

Angles Landing Trails

Angles Landing Trails


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6.9 Kilometers Out and Back

Springdale, Utah

Zion National Park

Dogs are not permitted

Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon Trail

Check out this 6.9-kilometer out-and-back near Springdale, Utah. Generally regarded as a difficult route. Because this is a popular hiking region, you will most likely come across other people while exploring. Dogs are not permitted on this trail, so leave them at home. The Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park is a technical, difficult path with steep drop-offs and very narrow places. This climb is the most popular in Zion due to the breathtaking vistas of Zion Canyon.

To begin, park at The Grotto Trailhead or take the West Rim Shuttle to The Grotto shuttle stop. You'll enter the West Rim Trail after crossing a bridge over the Virgin River. The West Rim Trail is paved for the first several miles of this route.

path. The walk is mostly bright, although Refrigerator Canyon provides shade and a refreshing air.

You'll eventually reach Walter's Wiggles, a series of 21 switchbacks named after Walter Ruesch, Zion National Park's first superintendent. From Scout Lookout to Angels Landing, a spectacular observation spot 1500 feet above Zion Canyon, the trail follows a steep and narrow ridge. Anchored support chains are linked to various areas of the steep rock to help you climb and descend the carved stairs. At the summit, you are rewarded with an excellent view of the main canyon.

Take note! It is best to avoid standing near the edge at all times and to avoid hiking this trail while it is wet.

It is raining, storming, or there are severe winds. Hikers are exposed to precipitous drop-offs along cliff edges on this path. Because of the challenging areas, you should allow extra time for this trip. Although this is a popular hike all year, the optimum seasons to hike this route are spring and autumn. Summer afternoons can be dangerously hot, and the trail can become ice in the winter. The parking area here frequently fills up, so arrive early.