Lake Blanche Trail

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Lake Blanche Trail

Explore this 11.3-kilometer out-and-back trek near Mounthaven, Utah. It takes an average of 4 hours and 59 minutes to finish this tough trip. This is a popular backpacking, camping, and hiking region, so you'll almost certainly run into other people while exploring. This trail is best visited between June and October. Dogs are not permitted on this trail, so leave them at home.

This fantastic climb is often regarded as one of the greatest in the Twin Peaks Wilderness Area. It has a magnificent hilltop lake, breathtaking views, and plenty of wildlife. Take note! Because the lakes are in a protected watershed, dogs and swimming are not permitted.

The path begins at the Mill B South Fork Trailhead, which is located off Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. You'll start by strolling by the creek on Mill B South Trail before turning into Lake Blanche Trail. At this point, the trail enters the wilderness region. The difficult ascent from here is well worth it! Sundial Peak will be visible several miles up the canyon, as will the Great Salt Lake Valley to the west. Three magnificent lakes can be found at the top: Lake Blanche, Lake Florence, and Lake Lillian. The views down into the canyon below are incredible. Parts of Salt Lake City can be seen from the walk just before arriving at the lakes.

During the summer, bring extra water, a torch, and insect repellent. There are no fires allowed anywhere in the Lake Blanche (Mill B South) watershed.

This trail either accesses or travels through avalanche terrain. More information and the daily avalanche forecast can be found here. If there is snow on the ground, you will require technical equipment such as snowshoes, skis, or microspikes to complete this trek.