Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon Trail

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Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon Trail

Take a look at this 4.2-kilometer out-and-back route near Scottsdale, Arizona. Generally regarded as a difficult route. Because this is a popular hiking region, you will most likely come across other people while exploring. This trail is best visited between October and April. Dogs are not permitted on this trail, so leave them at home.

Camelback Mountain is one of Phoenix's top hiking and rock climbing attractions, with stunning views of the city. This region, which is part of the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation region, protects several native species that are unique to the Phoenix area and surrounding desert environment.

The summit is accessible by two hiking trails: the Echo Canyon Trail and the Cholla Trail. Both trails are difficult and dangerous.Because of the heat, it is advised to bring plenty of water. The final half-mile of the trail features a rock scramble to the Camelback Mountain Summit, so wear appropriate boots.

The winter season is the most popular time to hike this trail. Climbers visiting the area may also be interested in The Praying Monk, a stunning 100-foot rock sculpture.