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Camping in Kheerganga

Camping in Kheerganga



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Camping in Kheerganga

Kheerganga Trek

To book , dial +91 9958308506. About the destination:

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Khir Ganga is a little town that is a part of the summer months within Himachal Pradesh. It is open through throughout the year. It’s accessible on the foot. It’s a wonderful day-long hike on a precipice-side way, passing numerous cascades, and a few isolated towns. There are more often than thirty to fifty people at the town’s site during the peak season. Camping in Kheerganga

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With Air: You can travel via Delhi towards Bhuntar Airport, and then use a taxi or neighbourhood (transport) from there to Barsheni via Jari, Kasol and Manikaran.

By road: You could travel through Delhi to Barsheni via Panipat, Ambala, Mandi, Bhunter, Manikaran or You could also use the Volvo transportation between Delhi up to Kullu/Manali. On the other hand, you can board the Volvo transport at Bhuntar. In Bhuntar you can either take an auto or the nearby (transport) towards Barsheni via Manikaran.

From Barsheni It’s an 11-12 km hike to Khirganga through Rudranag.

Find your way around

The process of completing the circle is based done on Foot or on a jackass, or even a steed. The spot isn’t road-worthy.

Spots To Check

There are small climbs that range between 2km and 15km , and could take between 2 to 4 hours depending on your pace. Karthikeyan Gufa as well as Pandav Gufa in which Pandav was their Agyatvas.

There is a distinct Hot Sulfur Spring in Khir Ganga that has a fantastical tale behind the spring. You can wash down and enjoy the stunning scenery that the valley offers.

There is an old Shiv Temple by the hot spring.


Enjoy a refreshing hot spring and enjoy the breathtaking panorama from the valley.

Explore the small sanctuary near the hot spring.



Three or four little bistros are available. Most likely Green Place will be the most suitable choice. A full meal will last for at around 300 rupees.



Rooms are available without having to book in advance and are the cost at $200 per night. Camping in Kheerganga

It is also possible to bring camp and tents since the area is dotted with beautiful fields and at night, the sky is a sight to gaze at with sparkling stars over you.


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Chokling monastery located in Bir Billing

Also known as the Pema Ewan Chokgyur Gyurme Ling was founded in the 1960, which was during the period of the exile of Tibetans in the wake of Chinese invasion of Tibet. The monastery is currently run by Dzigar K. Rinpoche who is the third son of the founder’s third Neten Chokling Rinpoche.

The monastery today is an built stupa temple, that are home to the peace-loving Monks.One among the very stunning and beautiful temples is situated in Bir, Kangra. The place is filled with prayer flags, they flutter through the air, creating gentle sounds like it’s welcoming you to the serene land of lamas.

The monastery consists of three areas which are Entrance , Temple complex, and the area for meditation. The entrance area is illuminated by prayer flags and sculptures while the temple stands out in a quiet way in the soulful spirit which emanate through the temple. There’s also a lush, green lawn near the meditation area in which you can relax and sit and meditate. If you visit at the beginning of the day, you can enjoy the chants of drums, as well as other instruments to stimulate your soul and mind. The visit to the monastery of Bir is an essential part of every itinerary of anyone visiting the city of bir. Camping in Kheerganga



The trek starts from Bir village. It is recommended to start early in the morning so that you dont miss on the varied shades of the sunset from billing top.

The trek direction from bir village is toward the north-east side of Bir. Cross the village and follow the trail. Billing is also easily approachable by motor but it is always a good idea to trek this route so that you don’t miss the trekking fun. Enjoy the nature and in the mid way of the trek you’ll find river stream flowing by. Dip your legs and rejuvenate yourself so that you can trek the rest of distance till billing. The route is clear and easy and one can easily cover in 4-5 hrs. Though there is this last part of the trek where climb is steep and strenuous. As soon as your reach on the top, you’ll find an open sky, as you’re at the top of the mountain. Relax and camp with your friends. We provide you with the dome shape tents with a bonfire setting. Dinner arrangements are also given at the top. Take a sound sleep and next morning after having breakfast you can take a tandem paragliding flight which will surely bring an adrenaline rush in your veins. This combo of bir billing trekking and paragliding is the best experience one get get on their trip to bir.

Please note – Do carry garbage bags, and do not litter around. Let’s keep the place clean and green! Kheer! Camping in Kheerganga


The trek starts at Bir the village. It is advised to start at the beginning of your day, so you don’t miss diverse shades of sunsets as you gaze up from towards the top of the hill.

The route beginning in bir village is to the north-east region of Bir. The village will be followed until you come to the trail. Billing is accessible via motor, but it’s recommended to trek this route so that you don’t get lost in the excitement. Relax in the beautiful surroundings. At the midpoint of the hike there is a river running through. Relieve your muscles and recharge your batteries to keep going until the point at which you’ve reached the point where you can pay. The walk is simple and you can easily complete in four hours. But, there is a last part of the trek which is an arduous and difficult climb. As you climb to the top and you’ll be able to see the clear sky on summit of the mountain. You can enjoy a restful and tranquil camping trip with your friends. Dome tents are provided with an outdoor bonfire. There’s a dinner menu at the top of the mountain. Sleep soundly and relax. In the morning, after breakfast, you’ll be able to take a tandem paragliding experience that’s guaranteed to send an adrenaline rush in you veins. Combining bills trekking with paragliding can be the most thrilling experience that you will have on your trip to Bir.

Make sure you need to carry garbage bags, and do not litter in the area. Keep the place clean and green! Kheer! Camping in Kheerganga

Cycling in Bir Billing Billing How to make a reservation for Cycling in Bir — Billing

Cycling is a sociable sport that is extremely social. In Bir it is a dream for cyclists and mountain bikers because of the vast forests and hidden trails. It is possible to cycle for hours without having to be interrupted by a café stop (or the odd puncture).

Bir billing, which was the home for the Paragliding World Cup in 2015 and is famous for its camping, hiking and cycling. Bir is the starting point for many of the challenging treks in billing valley. It’s the ideal spot to take leisurely trips through the Uhl river, which leads you to Barot Valley. More than 60 kilometers of arcade cycle trails are waiting to be explored by you. discover the beauty of nature and stunning landscapes. Camping in Kheerganga


1 Day/Night Cycling and Camping 1800 INR
Two Day, 3 Night Cycling and camping trip starting from Bir to Billing 2800 INR

The trail

It follows the paths of old forests and roads for logging connected and smoothed with the techniques of trail building. It is located between the Barot Valley and the bir valley. A lack of access to roads and its remoteness makes a two-day one-way trip the most rewarding that starts from billing and ends at the bir.
Service van support
The entire rides will be backed by support vans to ensure your security.
A comfortable overnight stay in our camp at Bill Top that has been constructed and designed to be situated at a location from where the view of the magnificent dhauladhars make your stay more memorable.
Vegetarian meals are available (Dinner and breakfast)

Please note that we adhere to an upper limit on the size of groups to ensure that your cycling adventure possible. To be eligible for the rates listed above, the minimum size of your group must be 4 persons. Camping in Kheerganga