Kareri Lake Trek vs Triund Trek

Kareri Lake Trek vs Triund Trek

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Kareri Lake Trek vs Triund Trek Comparison

Aspect Kareri Lake Trek Triund Trek
Difficulty Moderate Easy to Moderate
Distance 13 km (one way) 9 km (one way)
Duration 2 days 2 days
Scenery Diverse landscapes, glacial lake Panoramic views of Dhauladhar range
Permits Required from Forest Department Forest Fee INR 100
Accommodation Camping allowed Camping available, can be crowded
Best Time to Visit March to June (Sep-Dec) (March to June) Sep-Dec
Cost INR 1300 INR 1000

Kareri Lake Trek vs Triund Trek

Kareri Lake Trek

The Kareri Lake Trek is a mesmerizing journey through the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh. Here are some key features of the Kareri Lake Trek:

  • Location: Located near Dharamshala, the trek starts from the village of Kareri and leads to the stunning Kareri Lake.
  • Scenery: The trek offers breathtaking views of lush green valleys, dense pine forests, and snow-capped peaks.
  • Difficulty: It is considered a moderate trek suitable for beginners and experienced trekkers alike.
  • Duration: The trek usually takes 3-4 days to complete, covering a distance of approximately 26 kilometers.
  • Highlights: Camping by the pristine Kareri Lake, encountering local flora and fauna, and enjoying serene natural beauty.

Triund Trek

The Triund Trek is one of the most popular treks near McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh. Here are some key features of the Triund Trek:

  • Location: The trek starts from McLeod Ganj and ascends to the picturesque meadow of Triund, offering panoramic views of the Dhauladhar Range.
  • Scenery: Trekkers are treated to stunning vistas of the Kangra Valley, snow-capped peaks, and lush green landscapes.
  • Difficulty: It is considered a moderately easy trek suitable for beginners and families.
  • Duration: The trek usually takes 1-2 days to complete, covering a distance of approximately 9 kilometers.
  • Highlights: Spectacular sunrise and sunset views from Triund, overnight camping under the starry sky, and encounters with friendly local shepherds.


Both the Kareri Lake Trek and the Triund Trek offer unforgettable experiences in the lap of the Himalayas. The choice between the two depends on your preferences for trekking difficulty, duration, and scenery. Whether you seek a serene alpine lake or a panoramic mountain meadow, both treks promise adventure and natural beauty.

Choosing Between the Kareri Lake Trek and Triund Trek


  • Kareri Lake Trek: Moderate - Some steep ascents and descents.
  • Triund Trek: Easy - Well-defined trails with gradual inclines.

Distance and Duration:

  • Kareri Lake Trek: 26 kilometers (round trip) - 2 days to complete.
  • Triund Trek: 9 kilometers (one way) - Can be completed in a day trip.


  • Kareri Lake Trek: Diverse landscapes including forests, meadows, waterfalls, and a glacial lake.
  • Triund Trek: Panoramic views of the Dhauladhar mountain range, Kangra Valley, and plains.

Permits and Accommodation:

  • Kareri Lake Trek: Requires permits from the Forest Department. Camping allowed near the lake.
  • Triund Trek: Permits not required, but campsites at the top can get crowded.

Other Factors:

  • Season: Both best experienced post-monsoon (October to February).
  • Cost: Generally comparable, depends on transportation, guide fees, and food arrangements.

In Conclusion:

Choose the Kareri Lake Trek if:

  • You seek a challenging and adventurous experience.
  • You enjoy diverse landscapes and serene lake settings.
  • You are comfortable camping overnight.

Choose the Triund Trek if:

  • You are a beginner or have limited time.
  • You prefer easier trails with panoramic views.
  • You are okay with potentially crowded campsites.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your preferences, fitness level, and desired experience.


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