Triund Trek in August

The month of August brings many showers to the region of Triund. The temperature of the place remains moderately low and the weather remains tolerably cold. Temperature range 22 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius. The rains bring a calmer and soothing effect to the place and the entire region seems to have been carpeted in green. The nights are generally a bit colder in comparison to the days.

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Trek Condition in August

The condition of the trek usually remains a bit tough during the month of August and this may end up testing your patience. The trails tend to become slippery and muddy, making trekking a bit difficult. The Triund trek’s final stretch may pose to be a bit more challenging during this time. Since this part is steeper in nature, the rains can add to the level of difficulty by making it slippery and testing the stamina of the trekkers.

All the negatives kept aside, the beauty of the Triund trek in the month of August is simply irreplaceable. With a comparatively lesser number of people on the trek during this time, one can enjoy a more peaceful experience. Furthermore, the bountiful greens all around the place can make the trek a real paradise for nature lovers.

The green trees and bushes on the hills will compel the monsoon trekkers to pull out their cameras and capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the trek in a frame. Throughout the trek, the hikers will be able to catch stunning sights of the lush green Kangra Valley and snow-capped Dhauladhar mountain range. They can even catch a panoramic view of the beautiful Dharamshala Cricket Ground.

During the month of August, the trekkers love to have tea in the small cafes on the trek. You can find a tea stall at every couple of kilometers on the trek and revitalize yourself with a glass of hot tea before continuing your hiking.
Camping in Triund in August

Although having a bonfire can pose to be difficult, yet camping in Triund in the month of August can be real fun. The “pitter-patter” sound of the rains hitting your tent can offer you a really happy feeling. The trekkers can indulge in some in-tent activities in the evening like playing cards or reading books in solitude.
Tips to Follow for Hiking Triund Trek in August

- Do not forget to carry an umbrella or a rainwear as it usually rains frequently on the Triund trek in the month of August.

- When hiking the trek, be slow and steady. Put every step carefully and firmly so that you do not lose your grip on the slippery trek.

- Use a mosquito repellent cream as it is very common to find a lot of mosquitoes on the trek during the monsoon month of August.

- Do not carry any unnecessary items and try to keep the weight of your backpack as low as possible as it can be difficult to walk on the slippery trails with a heavy weight on the shoulder.

Triund Trek in August

Triund is one of the easiest treks in Himachal Pradesh. It’s only 9 km from the city center in McLeodganj, and you can reach the top within 3-4 hours. Instead of telling you just about Triund temperature today, let us give you an idea about Triund weather weather throughout the year. It would help you plan much better.


The weather in January is cold, but bearable. Clear views of the Dhauladhar make up for the effort. Temperature range 10 degree celsius to 1 degree celsius.


Though February is a cold month to plan a visit, the temperature starts rising, making the overall weather pleasant. Temperature range 12 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius.


In March, the snow starts melting to give you amazing views of the Dhauladhar range. It’s one of the best months to visit Triund. Temperature range 18 degree celsius to 8 degree celsius.


With no rain and pleasant weather, visit Triund in the month of April to be mesmerized by its beauty. Temperature range 20 degree celsius to 12 degree celsius.


Though the weather’s pleasant in the month of May, you can be troubled by some unexpected showers in the second half. Temperature range 26 degree celsius to 13 degree celsius.



In the month of June, monsoon hits the hill station, making the roads slippery and muddy. During this month, the weather can be unpredictable. Temperature range 24 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius.


During July, the monsoon comes with full force. This may cause some challenges on the trek. However, at the same time, you can catch views of the lush valleys. Temperature range 19 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius.



August can be pretty crowded, and monsoon subsides, giving way to pleasant weather. Temperature range 22 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius. Triund Trek in August


September is considered to be one of the best months to plan a Triund trek. The weather is pleasant and you can catch clear views of the Dhauladhar range. Temperature range 23 degree celsius to 15 degree celsius.


Most trekkers believe that October is the best month to visit Triund. The weather is pleasant and you don’t need to worry about rains. Temperature range 22 degree celsius to 11 degree celsius.


November is also a good month to plan a visit. However, the second half of the month can be quite cold. Temperature range 16 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius.


In December, the weather in Triund allows an awesome trek, but with extremely cold weather. Temperature range 12 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius.

If you want to enjoy the Triund trek and ensure that you don’t experience any issues, you should checkout weather conditions in advance. Still wonder what’s Triund temperature today? For information about Triund temperature today, safety precautions and more.