Goecha La trekking experience

Goecha La trekking experience - This is a Journey of Miles and Feet

Looking for information on hiking in Goechara? Learn how to plan a great hike in Goechara.


A mountain pass in Sikkim, India. It is part of the famous Himalayan range. From the Getchara Pass you can see Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. Besides Kanchenjunga, you can also see different mountains such as Pandim, Tarn, Kabru and Singbo during your trek. The Getchara hike is a circular hike with a total distance of 87km.

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Goecha La Trek base camp is a town in Sikkim. It is located in Ratonchu valley. Yuxom is very famous for ecotourism and monasteries. Our plan did not come to us out of the blue. After completing our first trek in Kedarkanta, Uttarakhand, India, we soon decided to do our second Himalayan trek. I made Kedarkantha for Christmas last December. It was a high altitude snow trek, a trek lasting 5 days (of the Himalayan category) that was easy (though not so easy) for beginners. I couldn't imagine a better place/hike to celebrate Christmas and our 2nd wedding anniversary with the people we love. This year we have set higher goals in terms of height and difficulty. After checking various blogs, IH websites and some YouTube videos, we headed to Getchara with a friend to explore and settled on India His Hike (IH). The Goecha La trek is said to be the most romantic trek in India, so me and Tej (her husband) never thought of that. Initially, the gang consisted of 5 people, but gradually the gang increased to 10 people. Eventually 10 of us her (4 girls, 6 men) set off on his one of the most difficult hikes in the North (East). We left Bangalore on 15th October 2016 on an Air India flight and arrived in Kolkata in about 2.5 hours. We explored Kolkata a bit before heading to Shielder. We took the Darjeeling Post Train at Shielder on 15th October at 10pm and arrived at NJP at 8am the next morning. Some people were walking with trekking gear, and the atmosphere of trekking was already there.

First day

16th October 2016 - From NJP to Yukseom, 150 km, 8 hours. “Bad roads but good safari” We contacted our drivers, Mukesh and Dena, who took care of our luggage and prepared us for the journey to Yuxom, the base camp for the Gechara trekking. It was around 9am when we left. Stopped at 'Laddu Gopal' in Siliguri for breakfast. We had excellent Cholabhtura, Puris and Dosa. Las Murray was so delicious that I ate 3 of them. We got into our respective vehicles. The road was badly damaged by landslides, causing minor traffic congestion at first. But I couldn't avoid the window seat as I wanted to enjoy the beauty of the scenery and click lots of pictures. The trip was really great. There was greenery, the beautiful Langet and Teesta rivers, small markets with colorful vegetables, suspension bridges, temples, waterfalls and streams of water running through the streets. By now we have a little idea of ​​what is going on. The road conditions were bad for a few kilometers but it didn't bother us too much as Dena's amazing collection of Hindi and Nepali songs kept us awake happy most of the time. We stopped for lunch at the Little House restaurant and had something hot Maggi and aloo paranthas.

I could see that the road narrowed and I was approaching Yukseom. It was 5:30pm and it was already dawn. Around 7:00 pm, we arrived at Yuxom's Ranam Cottage. We picked up our luggage, paid the taxi fare (approximately 1000 rupees per person) and checked into our room. We stayed in his 1 room with 3 of hers and were happy with the well maintained room and bathroom. We were supposed to meet at 20:00 with our medical certificate, photos and identification. We literally scraped these necessary items out of our bags and ran to the meeting point to hand over our paperwork. Here we met trail leader Tanmay Bain for blood pressure and oximeter readings. Soon after, we were introduced to the team, and Tanmei gave us some information we will never forget. He taught us about his AMS, HAPE, HACE facts and myths, backpacking methodology, team politeness, time management, the purpose of carrying eco bags, to name a few. . I quickly ran to my room to double-check what I had hidden in my backpack, deleted almost half of the unnecessary stuff, and felt proud of myself for this small accomplishment. Like all high altitude hikers we enjoyed a final bath in the civilized bathroom and a great sleep in the comfy bed.

the 2nd day

17 October 2016 - Yuxom (5770 feet) to Sachin (7200 feet), 8 km, approximately 4.5-6 hours. "Monday morning! No work, just hiking and calling bridges." When the alarm went off at 5:30am, we packed up for base camp, got ready, had breakfast, grabbed our hiking gear and left promptly at 9am (1 hour late). rice field). Tanmei's time management lesson was over on the first day. 20 of us looked stylish in our trekking attire. One thing to remember is that clever eyes alone won't get you to the summit of Getchara, but initiative and mental strength will definitely get you there. We were introduced to local hiking guides Gurunji and Mohan. The rule is that Tanmay, Gurunji and Mohan take turns leading, sweeping and standing in the middle for the next eight days. As we passed Yuxoom village and beautiful valleys, I remembered Tanmei's beautiful words, 'We are not trekkers, we are climbers'. The trail was pretty decent with narrow sidewalks and mixed forest. There were tall trees on both sides, so the sun didn't come in much. Soon we arrived at Bridge 1 over Fa Cola Creek. A huge arch called "Welcome to Kanchenzonga National Park" greeted us. We took a photo break here while Thanmei taught us about the importance of Kanchenzonga, home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. After a long climb and a short descent, we heard the sound of rushing water. We were approaching Bridge 2 over the beautiful Prekchu River. Prek Chu looked so beautiful. Tanmay told us that her relationship with Prek Chu would not end anytime soon. We had lunch on the way during a short stop and after 4.5 hours we arrived at our first campsite, Dingi. After a while the porter arrived with the tent. I set up the tent while watching the work. The thing was a small campground near the trail with a log cabin near the trail that served as a kitchen. There was a beautiful valley in Dingzi and a dense forest on one side. Tanmay let us play some fun games where we were

We learned more about each person on the team. At 5pm, hot onion pakodas and chai were served. I have a health checkup at 7:00 pm and have dinner around 7:30 pm. Right after dinner, I said good night to Tej and went to my tent. That was me, Shilpa and Prasidda, lifelong friends in the tent. I remembered my schedule for the next day (5:30 am chai, 6:30 am breakfast, 7:30 am departure) and crawled into my sleeping bag.

Third day

October 18, 2016 - Dinj (7200ft) to Tushoka (9650ft) via Bakim, 7 km, about 5 hours. "I saw the majestic Mount Pandim capped with snow for the first time." It was supposed to be a short hike, but the altitude gained was staggering. The staff started at 8:30 am, one hour behind schedule. Soon we reached the second bridge 3 over Prek Chu. Colorful Buddhist prayer flags fluttered as the beautiful Prek Chu flinched. After clicking some pictures, we started climbing. The road continued steeply uphill through a stony oak mixed forest. Sunlight was playing hide-and-seek as wanderers came to life. After some steep climbs and breathtaking views, we reached Bakim (8,600 feet). There was a hut and rest area with great views. We ate lunch and enjoyed the scenery of Yuxom Valley, lush forests and rhododendrons. We continued our journey, but the beauty of Bakim kept us there for a long time. After several hours of climbing, we reached Tsoka at 5pm. We were exhausted, but the mesmerizing beauty of the Tshokang grasslands made our fatigue disappear in an instant. There were many huts and cafes and people. It looked like a small village. Our tent was pitched uphill. It took longer than expected. We dropped our bags, sipped hot chai, received an explanation, and rode downhill to enjoy the alpine scenery. The clouds above the mountains were moving slowly and what we saw was breathtaking. It was Mount Pandim, shining brightly. It made our day better. The sunset on the opposite shore was just mesmerizing. We had dinner and jumped into our tent watching the stars twinkle in the sky. Before saying goodnight, we reminded ourselves that the next day will be the hardest for anyone. I had an eerie feeling that I couldn't hide

4th day

19 October 2016 – Tsokha (9650ft) to Pedan (12050ft) via Dzongri (12980ft), 9 km, about 7 hours. "Challenging the rhododendron and realizing its difficulty. No, it's the moment of AMS!"

I woke up with a pleasant, clear and beautiful view. As per our schedule, we finished our morning activities, set up our tents (yes, we did), received a briefing from Thanmei, and marched. Climb a few feet and you'll have a charming view of Lake Ashoka. Rhododendrons greeted us on both sides of the road after a short, steep climb. To further enhance our enjoyment, logs (giving a royal touch) were lined along the path. The rhododendrons weren't in perfect shape, but they had some decorated red spots, which gave them a park feel. The road led to rocks and mud, which we climbed to reach Pedan, the lunch place. During that time, clouds rolled in and the view of Pedan was not good. The general weather pattern during the trek was bright and sunny in the morning (we were lucky), cloudy in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon and dark in the evening. The watchword was to leave camp early. A short Rhodes escorted us from Pedan to Dzongri. The road is rocky and traversed frequently by small streams.

Just when we thought we had finally reached Dzongri, Gurunji gently told us that the campsite was full and we would have to walk further to reach the next campsite in Dzongri. We had no choice but to follow Gurundi. We were so happy when the yellow tent waved at us at 6pm. Put down your luggage and mountain climbing luggage and take a short break. I checked the oximeter readings and most of them were very low. Thanks to high altitude and dehydration. Thanmei told us to go to bed early as we have to leave for Dzongri summit at 4:30 am. Climbing into my sleeping bag made me feel better and I fell asleep within seconds. At 3:30am she got up and left at 4:30am. Tej refilled our water bottles, but he said (as usual) that I wasn't that enthusiastic and was really depressed. His eyes began to spin, his body trembled, and he felt dizzy. I saw Purasi and Shilpa climbing up. Tej and Mohan looked at me worriedly when I said I wanted to go back to my tent. I sacrificed Dzonguri Peak for Getchara Peak. I had to save myself for the important things. I told Tej to move on and asked Mohan to take me to a tent only a few feet away.

Day 5

October 20, 2016 - From Dzongri (12980ft) to Kok Chulan (12096ft) via Thansing (12894ft), 10km, about 6 hours. "It's so romantic."

was awakened by the voices of Prasi and Shilpa. I explained my condition to Tanmay in the early morning and he just said okay. I was still scared that I had been hit by AMS, bu> suddenly Tej dragged me out of my tent and showed me a mesmerizing view of mountains against a blue sky. On one side was a series of white mountains (such as Pandim) and on the other a series of green mountains. I jumped for joy and ran around like crazy. Had a great morning with Tej helping me click pictures. After breakfast I felt much better and more confident. I was still sad that I didn't make it to the top of Dzonguri, but I was even happier when I realized it was fatigue and dehydration, not AMS. Tanmei said pandims will be seen regularly in the future.

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It was a steep, rocky descent that tested my strength. the way

The trail offered great views of valleys and grasslands, and Prek Chu was peering into them. We arrived at Kok Chulan and stopped for lunch. The small wooden bridge over Prekchu was a very beautiful sight. We traveled from Kok Chulan and the walk from there was most romantic. It was bordered with rhododendrons on one side and milky préctuux on the other. When we arrived in Tansin, clouds were everywhere. It was 5pm and cold. All 20 of us met outside, played games, had snacks and dinner, and said goodbye to the day (the day!).

6th day

21st October 2016 – Tansin (12,894 feet) to Lamney (13,693 feet), 4 km, about 2-3 hours. "The calm before the storm" We slept more and got up later that morning (6am and late!). From Lamune you can see the mountains closer. The road was flat, with precoutu flowing smoothly down one side. We took a long break on the way and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Arrive at Lamune in about 3 hours. It was a little before 1pm when I had my hot lunch. Ramune was windy and cold at this point. We gathered in the kitchen tent to watch the movie "Into Thin Air". I couldn't have asked for more the day before the summit. A wake-up call was due at 1am, so we relaxed and pitched our tents at 7am.

Day 7

22nd October 2016 – Ramney (13,693 feet) to Getchara (16,000 feet) and back to Koch Chulan, total 18 km, approx. 13 hours. "Stand on top!" I got up at 1:00 p.m. and got ready in a hurry. We started at 2:30 am as a team. Tanmei gave us the queue order and we followed it to the top. The slowest player on the team led us from the front. This helped manage timing. We reached the top with the help of a small flashlight. We crossed Samity Lake and reached Getchara in time for sunrise. Thanks to meticulous planning, the climb to the top seemed so easy. At Viewpoint 1, we roared with cheers as the sun shone down on the mountains. The first thing we saw was the panorama of the Kabru Mountains. Gradually the light became brighter and suddenly turned golden. In the sunshine, a magnificent golden Kanchenjunga was revealed. We saw the third highest mountain in the world in her golden avatar. We clicked on the Summit's signature image and headed to Overlook 2. The weather soon turned bad and the area was covered with clouds.

His three of our hikers were led by Gurunji to Viewpoint 2 where the rest of us decided to descend to Ramney. We quickly dismounted and just stopped at the tranquil Lake Samity to admire the beauty and capture the Samity on camera. We arrived in Ramney at 10:30am to rest in our tents and enjoy the sun. Her three hikers of us successfully completed Viewpoint 2 and arrived in Rumney at 1pm. We had a hot lunch and headed to Kok Chulan (via Sun King). For those who visited Viewpoint 2, it was a long and difficult journey. We arrived at Kok Chulan at 6:30pm. There was a log cabin that could accommodate 20 of us that night. We ate dinner, played cards, and slammed our sleeping bags against trees.

Day 8

October 23, 2016 – Kok Chulan to Bakim. "Beginning of parting"

The trail was flat with Prek Chu and Mount Pandim on the left, with intermittent climbs here and there. The trail slowly turned into a roller coaster

Very narrow road. We had lunch in Pedan and continued our descent to Tsokha at 4pm. Our team decided to descend to Bakim (via Tsokha, excluding Dzongri and Pedan). By this point it was already dark and walking on the rocky road became even more difficult. We arrived at Bakim at 7:30pm and headed to our tents, remembering the best moments of our performance, laughing heartily and having great mutual respect in our hearts.

Day 9

October 24, 2016:

Bakim An Yuxom "End or Beginning"

As we descended, we wondered if we had really climbed that huge road. We arrived at Yuxoom around noon and had some warm Magi and Momos. Tanmay awarded us a certificate of achievement. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Tanmay, Mr. Gurunji and Mr. Mohan. Saying goodbye to some teammates who left Yukseom on the same day (see you soon). We (me, Tej and friends) stayed at Yuxom that night. We explored the Yukseom market, visited a monastery and had dinner at a local restaurant. The next day (October 26, 2016) we drove to Gangtok.

We completed one of the more difficult treks, Getchara, without any sign of rain. But me and Tej wondered if this was the end of something, or the beginning of something new. Solving the mysteries of the Himalayas is no easy task.

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