Chopta Chandrasila Trekking

Chopta Chandrasila Trekking | Himalaya Trekking Experience

His 5 days cold winter trek to the summit of Chandrasila organized by The Great Escape in Hyderabad. This trek starts in Haridwar on 27th January and ends in Rishikesh on 1st February.

It was mid-December. I was once again caught up in boring and monotonous routine office meetings. The scenery in the conference room was the same as usual. The hosts are the usual so-so people, the knickers, aka the serious braggarts, half awake, half asleep, vindas openly talking about themselves, and I find a way out of it. I was in the middle of it. with tea and biscuits. I can assure you that they were more interesting to me than the presentation.

“Why am I here again?” I kept asking myself seriously when suddenly the phone rang. I left the briefing room and joined the conference call, thanking the stars and not wanting to pass up this God-given opportunity.

The call was from my friend Raju. avid hiker. As you know, I have been asking Raju to join me in his trekking trips for the last few years. The purpose of the call was to see if I would be interested in being part of his trekking group. Finally he seems to give in to my nagging too. After getting a more than 'yes' reply from me, he introduced me to the Hyderabad based trekking organization group 'Great Escape' and from 27th January to 1st February he started his first trek in the Himalayas. , that is Chopta-Chandrahila asked if he was ready for his trek. Boy boy! Was it me!

I was so excited that I was already in the system to book my plane ticket before he detailed the entire itinerary. And at the end of the conversation, I asked him about the list of things he had to carry in his bag. Unaware of my excitement, he stammered that he was going to sign up for this Himalaya-Chopta-Chandrahila trek, although he had not yet confirmed his participation in the trek, and informed me of his progress and about the program. promised to give me a hint of .

This was our schedule:

Day 1 - Haridwar to Sari Village

Day 2 - Sari Village to Deoria Gorge

Day 3 - Deoria Valley to Chopta

Day 4 - Summit Hike to Mount Chandrasila

Day 5 - Chopta to Rishikesh

As the days went by without any contact from him, my anxiety increased. I couldn't contain my anxiety anymore and called and emailed him. To ease my anxiety, the organizer set up a WhatsApp group to facilitate communication for all participants. A list of things to bring for the Himalaya trek was quickly shared. It was my first time hiking and this list really helped me.

I couldn't get trekking shoes, backpacks, trekking poles, headlamps and other items in my city, so I was able to get most of them thanks to Raju. However, there were some items, such as sweatpants, winter clothes, and woolen socks, that were size-sensitive and could not be purchased. Luckily my mom bought it for me online. Make sure it fits. We were informed that the trek to Chopta-Chandrahila will start on 27th January from Haridwar. Organizers discreetly booked group train tickets from Delhi to Haridwar on the evening of 26 January. This will eliminate time lost when regrouping in Haridwar.

We finally had everything we needed for this trek and by the first week of January our luggage was ready. I didn't have much to do, so I started counting the days until the start of the trek.

But as the saying goes, no journey begins and ends without some shock and dread. To the right? ah! Unsurprisingly, the news was shared on a WhatsApp group that around 100 flights to Delhi will be canceled or rescheduled on 26 January due to the Republic Day celebrations. This made us all stressed and anxious. We hope this doesn't affect our program. Luckily that didn't happen. I was able to get started.

Fifteen days before her trip to Chopta-Chandrahilla began, she received a surprise and delightful phone call from Jamila. One of the organizers and participants of the hike. Since the trek was in the dead of winter, she gave us instructions on how to prepare for the trek, what to expect during the trek, and things to be aware of. This phone helped me learn more about the trek and helped me prepare for both. both mentally and physically.

And finally! finally! It was the D-Day I was really looking forward to! And I got on the plane to Delhi. All members closely monitored each other's movements to ensure that no flights were canceled or delayed. Luckily, all flights arrived in Delhi on time with only 1-2 hours delay. It didn't affect our flight schedule as the organizer had already factored it into the timetable. All members gathered at Connaught Place, Delhi. After an initial introduction, we all headed to New Delhi Railway Station to catch the train to Haridwar.

Trekking to Chopta - Chandrahilla Day 1 - 27th January

Our train arrived in Haridwar early in the morning at 4am. The organizers ensured that she did not waste a single minute waiting for the ride. A minibus was already waiting for us when we left the station. We threw ourselves into a warm and comfortable van to protect ourselves from the biting cold of the early morning. Thus began our journey to the Himalayas

Our destination for the first day was Sari, a small village near Ukimat. We stopped at a dhaba on the way for a piping hot parantha (which became our staple for the rest of the trek) and a cup of hot tea. To meet our sleep quota last night, we dozed off in the van. After the siesta we perked up and listened to Bollywood numbers. The younger members were almost shaking their feet. While driving, I was amazed by the beauty of nature and couldn't help but take pictures. Around noon we reached Ukimat and visited Omkaleshwar temple. The idol of this temple is actually Lord Kedarnath's Utsahu Dri brought from Kedarnath. As Kedarnath continues to be closed for the winter, these Utsakh Dori are taken to Ukimat, where the six months are worshiped.

Around 2pm we arrived in Sari, our destination for the first day. Already arranged to stay there. After freshening up in our room, we went straight to the kitchen. There, warm paranthas and dals, curries, rice and pickles awaited our dedication. Our eyes then fell on the delicious citrus fruits hanging in the trees across from the dining room. They tempted us so much that Mithun and Anush tore each of us one by one.

With nothing to do for the rest of the day and plenty of time to kill, some thought it might be a good idea to climb the mountain behind the guesthouse to warm up and prepare for the upcoming summit of Chandrasila. . Six of us headed to the mountains, while others preferred to remain in the mountains to meet the locals and learn more about their lifestyle.

The local women were very warm and friendly and even served us hot tea. They ranted about how they worked for a living and how lucky they were with what they had. The team set off for the nearby mountains, led by the always enthusiastic Jami and Raju. The first time I experienced something like this while trekking, I was exhausted to the core and wanted to give up and go home. But the good guy was Anush, who came forward and verbally encouraged me and helped me climb the difficult terrain. In no time he climbed to the top. (We declared ourselves the summit, but no one but us could climb further.) We thanked ourselves for our achievement and spent some time enjoying its beauty. spent Well, no activity is complete without selfies and groupies. am i right? Well, that's exactly what we did. We clicked and deleted countless photos of ourselves and the summit. After a good photo op, we descended to reach our guesthouse at 6pm. We spent the rest of the night warming up around the campfire set up in the guest house and playing cards for a while. After dinner we decided to finish this and went to our room to enjoy a beautiful sleep.

Hike Day 2 – January 28

The next morning we got ready at 8am, had a hearty breakfast and set off for the Deoria Valley. We left our extra luggage with the van driver and were due to meet up in Chopta on February 1st. The team's three oldies goalkeepers. I, Sangeetha and Raju led the trek and left before the team. After a while, we realized that not only had we taken a wrong turn, but we had also drifted away from the rest of the team. They were already far ahead of us on the way to our goal. Undaunted by the unfolding events, we continued our journey, but after an exhausting amount of time we found ourselves completely lost and deserted. We were the only three left in the distant mountains.

Our GPS location indicated that we were near Deoria Gorge, but we had no idea how to get there. Sangeetha and I were appalled, but the always optimistic Raju assured us that this was standard practice on any trek and gave us confidence. After some distance, I finally met the locals

A person who collects firewood. We followed their instructions and continued our journey towards our destination. GPS finally showed that we would soon reach Deoriatal. After that, the crag turned into a snow-covered road. Seeing the blanket of deep snow and walking in it blew away my tiredness. We were so impressed with the snow scene that we took a photo tour.

After a half-kilometer hike through the snow, we finally reached Deoria Gorge. We were in awe when we first saw the lake. At the lake we finally reunited with the rest of the team. After getting lost and sharing how we got back, we all spent some time on the shore of the lake. according to the government. Rule: No one is allowed in the lake as it pollutes the environment and nature. Around 1:00: At 3.30pm we all had lunch at a nearby restaurant. After lunch we went back to the lake. We strolled around the lake, capturing the natural beauty through the camera lens and playing in the snow. We built a snowman and threw snowballs at each other.

While we were busy enjoying nature, tents were set up around the lake for us and other visitors by the people we hired. A total of 15-20 tents were set up around the lake, 3 of which were set up for our team. As the sun set and the stinging cold became too strong, we returned to the bar for another cup of hot tea. We asked the dining room staff to organize a bonfire, but they understandably refused. They refused, not because they didn't want to light the fire, but because they didn't have firewood and were too lazy to get it. Instead they gave us an ax and told us to source our own firewood if we wanted to build a campfire. Feeling sorry for the shivering team members, Samarasingha Reddy personally went to collect firewood from the nearby forest. The warmth of the campfire and the tempting hot food on the table gave us a nice rest to our weary bones from the cold and hunger. But we hurried back to our warm tents before the campfire burned out.

The biggest question, however, was how to gather in the tent. Each tent can accommodate 3 people, so we debated who would sleep in which tent. There were 3 people with me who were snoring on different levels. Ultimately it was decided to have a snorer in every tent. Anush and Raju were the unfortunate victims who shared a tent with me and endured my snoring all night long.

Hike Day 3 – January 29

The next morning we were teased endlessly for snoring. Our snoring unfortunate victim has taken sweet revenge by teasingly calling our snoring "jugal bandi" and continuing the jokes all day long.

His third day of our hike was his longest hike of 16 km. A view of the snowy road. We all had an early breakfast, packed our groceries and started our trek at 8am. The breathtaking nature just a few hundred meters from the lake was breathtaking. The trail and the surrounding area were covered in deep snow. It was as if the mountains and trees had been painted white.

The third day of our hike was the longest hike of 16 km. A view of the snowy road. We all had an early breakfast, packed our groceries and started our trek at 8am. The breathtaking nature just a few hundred meters from the lake was breathtaking. The trail and the surrounding area were covered in deep snow. It was as if the mountains and trees had been painted white. We each moved at our own pace and soaked up the pristine beauty. However, the terrain was difficult and rocky, so the trail was difficult for Sangeetha, a beginner like myself. she backed away. But always kind Anush personally accompanied Sangeetha and kept her and her pace. He accompanied her throughout the day, encouraged her, and carried her load.

Raju was ahead of her time and one of the unfortunate victims of my snoring, but she felt the need to catch up a little bit and found a good spot for a nap. The trek was tough, but the beautiful scenery and the frequent warm words from Jamie, the perfect organizer who cared about everyone's health, were impressive. OK? "Need help?" Everything about hiking looks easy. We arrived in Chopta around 6pm. our daily goal. We were completely exhausted and exhausted. For the next two days she was looked after by Darvender Ms. Singh who welcomed us with a well deserved refreshing warm cup of tea. We drank a few cups of hot tea. The temperature outside was not only cold, it was freezing. It seems that the temperature last night was -7°C. Campfires were prohibited in the Chopta area, so we all surrounded the only heat source. There was a fireplace in the kitchen, and I was with Basanti, Derviender's pet cat.

The original schedule for the trek was to rest the next day and start trekking to the summit of Chandrasila at 4am the next day to watch the sunrise from the summit. The sunrise from the summit of Chandrasila is said to be breathtaking. But no one wanted to rest. The very next day we attempted to climb Chandrasila. But on the other hand, the thought of waking up in sub-zero temperatures and starting the hike sent chills down my spine and made me want to start climbing to the summit after sunrise. This proposed change would probably cut his day short from the original schedule, so we wanted to spend that extra day in Rishikesh and indulge in some adventurous sports. I was thinking The problem with this proposal, however, was that the van with the rest of our luggage would arrive in Chopta on February 1st to pick us up, as originally scheduled. The bigger problem was convincing Jamie of the revised plan. But who makes cats meow? that was the question.

After much discussion, Raju is tasked with conveying this and convincing Jami, considering his respect from Jami. To our surprise, Jami immediately accepted the offer and only called a few times for a van to arrive in Chopta the next evening to pick us up.

After setting up our program for the next two days, we returned to our respective rooms in the guest house. Whatever the reason, is it fatigue from hiking all day, or is it the soundproofing technology you used to stop snoring?

I was completely out of action and slept soundly that night.

Hike Day 4 – January 30

The next day we woke up refreshed. Today's hike was short, so I took my time getting ready. After breakfast we started trekking to the top of Chandrasila around 10am. After about three hours of trekking through deep snow, we arrived at Thunnath Temple, about three to four kilometers from the foot of the mountain. We visited Thunnath temple and prayed to the deity there. Some chose to remain at the temple, while others made the steep 1.5-kilometre climb to the summit of Chandrashila and returned after two hours of ascent.

We were back by 5pm and made our way to Dharveender's kitchen. Darvender entertained us with his stories while the team enjoyed delicious kichadi. Interacting with Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Hema Malini at the bungalow, helping Rajesh Khanna at the airport, and acting as a photographer while covering the wedding of Ritesh Deshmukh and Generia. He entertained us by reciting our favorite shayari words. very. We dedicate this evening to Darvender. In the evenings we would gather in one of the rooms and spend the night playing untarkshari and other games until late at night.

Day 5 – January 31st

The next morning we started down the hill in the van. We stopped for lunch at Rudraprayag. At Rudraprayag we parted ways with Raju and Jamila heading to Joshimas for further trekking and the rest of us headed to Rishikesh. On the way, we stopped briefly at Devprayag, which is called the Ganges, where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers converge. In Jami's absence, Anush took over the role of organizer. He rarely called his acquaintances, and he arranged tented accommodation deep in the forest on the outskirts of Rishikesh, near Shivpuri. Transfers for river rafting and other adventure sports are also included in the package. Around 6pm we arrived at our resort a few kilometers from Shivpuri.

We refreshed and gathered around the campfire for evening snacks and tea. Deprived of delicious food to suit our taste buds, we munched on late night snacks like hot pakodas, salted peanuts and masala papad. At 9pm, a hot dinner was ready and served with so many delicious dishes that we ate it all in no time.

Day 6 – February 1

The next morning we had a hearty breakfast at 7am. After breakfast, get ready for the drive arranged by the resort to a river rafting point about 7 km from Shivpuri. Our guide prepared us for what would happen during the drive. Everyone put on their life jackets and the 26km rafting began. Accompanied by a rafting guide, we all had the best rafting experience of our lives. We jumped off the raft and got soaked in the cool Ganges water. After a fun rafting experience, he turned to more adventurous sports such as bungee jumping, flying foxes and giant swings. First, I chose the Flying Fox. There we were tied to a rope attached between two mountains. We drove from end to end and viewed the Ganges from the top of the mountain. Next is bungee jumping. We all wanted to try it, but I withdrew at the last minute. Please don't ask me why. go

Shape. Brave hearts in our group. Sangeetha and Samara set out to experience the bungee jump of a lifetime. Satisfied and done with our daredevil act, we decided to give each other a certificate of achievement. It's time to say goodbye. With a throbbing heart, happy memories, and a promise to meet again on the hike, we parted ways and headed to our respective destinations. Thank you to all members of the team for making our week unforgettable. Thanks to her The Great Escape for organizing such a beautiful hike to Chopta Chandrasila. Special thanks to Wifey for encouraging me to do this hike from the beginning, making sure everything I needed was properly packed, and helping me write this hike report.

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