Trekking at Ramadevara Betta near Bengaluru

Trekking at Ramadevara Betta near Bengaluru

Trekking in Ramadebara Betta near Bangalore Ramadebara Betha in Cassandra is the perfect place for adventurous trekking and mountaineering activities. Ramadevara Betta is located along Bangalore-Tumkur Road, Cassandra. Cassandra is a small town about 70km from Bangalore. This is a must for any trekking or mountaineering activity. Cassandra is famous for Siddha Gangamata, a religious and charitable institution that provides free food, housing and education to over 10,000 of his children from across the state.

Kassandra's main landmark is the large and imposing Ramadevara Betta, about 1 km from Siddha Ganga Mata. At about 3,900 feet above sea level, Ramadebara Betta lies on the outskirts of town and can be seen from the highway as a massive rocky mountain range with vast plains at its summit. Ramadevara Betha is so named because there is a small cave temple dedicated to Lord Rama at the top of the hill. To reach the foot of the hill, one must cross fields, lakes and a small river from Siddha Ganga Mata.

There are several paths leading in different directions. If you are unfamiliar with the terrain, it is recommended to accompany a Siddha Ganga Mata local guide. The first 60 percent of the hill is through jungle with lantana and other spiny plants. If you're not very careful, razor-sharp thorns can tear clothing and skin. If you walk slowly and calmly, you may come across wild animals such as rabbits, mongooses, and occasionally foxes and wolves. Be careful as there are many snakes in the forest.

Other interesting places on the hill include a medium-sized lake with lotus flowers, a medium-sized Shiva temple with attractive round pillars, this type of temple on the hill, a small cave temple dedicated to Rama, an interesting rock layers, etc. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy stunning views of the surroundings, including the lush wilderness of the Devalayana Durga State Forest, rocky hills on one side and irrigated fields, villages, national highways and railways on the other. increase.


Be careful. It is recommended to accompany a local guide to climb the hill. Siddha Ganga his Mata senior is happy to take you upstairs to his for a small tip.

Arrival by land

Starting on National Highway 4, after passing through Neramangala, Dvaspet and several small villages on the highway, drive about 62 km to reach Cassandra. You'll know this is Cassandra when you see a few small hotels that say 'Thatte Idly'. Turn right at the first big intersection and continue for about 1.5 km to Siddha Ganga Mata. From here, follow the road first, then the village paths along the lake to the hills.

By Bus

His KSRTC bus to Tumkur leaves every 15 minutes from the Majestic Bus Station. All buses to Tumkur stop at Cassandra, from where it's only a 10-minute walk to Siddha Ganga Mata and about 25 minutes to the foot of Ramadevarabetta.


Cassandra is famous for its Thatte Idly (Thatte – plate), a rice delicacy served with spicy chutney in some hotels here, and is a favorite of all visitors. hotel

Siddha Gangga Mata has set up several self-sufficient rooms with kitchens and bathrooms, which are rented out to visitors for a small fee of 50 rupees per night.

This is the perfect place for adventurous trekking and mountaineering activities.