Ladakh Less Explored Trekking Destination

Ladakh Less Explored Trekking Destination

Have you ever taken a trekking trip in India? Would you like to participate in such a trekking tour package? Check out this article to learn more about travel packages to explore the fascinating and amazing regions of Ladakh for around 24 days. This trekking tour package is organized

The ultimate travel package that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. This Ladakh trekking trip package requires 23 nights and 24 days to complete the trek. Destinations for this trek include Manali, Spiti, Kaza, Kiba, Panglochen, Palang La, Pale Chu, Norbu Sumd, Tsomori, Kiandam, Kolzok, Gama, Rajung Kar, Nurchan, Tso Kar, Taglang Includes la and le. The trekking package starts from Delhi and ends in Delhi.

We are as an Indian travel agency serving the needs of Indian tourists. We operate both inbound and outbound tours, organize itineraries, book online, and book luxury hotels and resorts. Guides are full-time qualified staff with at least 19 years of experience.

The Ladakh Trekking Tour Package visits different places from Spiti to Ladakh. This most exciting adventure package lasting about a month will be the most exciting time of your life.

Trekking tour package itinerary from Ladakh

Day 1 - Arrival in Delhi

We will pick you up at the airport or train station, guide you to the hotel, and check you in. Please stay at the hotel. Days 2 and 3 - To Chandigarh then to Manali Take the train to Chandigarh. Upon arrival in Chandigarh, drive to Manali and spend the night at the hotel.

Day 4 - Drive to Lahore

Drive through Lahore by jeep to Lahore.

Days 5-7 – To Kaza then to Tabo Gompa

Drive to Kaza, the capital of Spiti. Then drive to Thabo He Gompa, which has a huge collection of paintings and sculptures. Day 8-9 - Kibah, Trashigang, Gete. First drive to Kii Gompa and then transfer to Kibah. Stay overnight and drive to Trashigang and Gete the next day.

Days 10 and 11 - Panglochen, Khalsa Gomma

Trek to the small spring of Pangrochen and from there Khalsa he walks to a comfortable haven in Gomma.

Days 12 and 13 – Taran Yogma, Parech Valley, Norbo Sumdo River Camp

After crossing the Parech Valley, descend to Talang Yogma. Continue your Ladakh trekking tour package to cross the river and reach Norbu Sumd base camp.

Day 14 - Tsomori, Kiandam

Arrive at Kiandam on the south shore of Tsomori Lake. Stay on site for a few days to relax and enjoy.

Day 15 to 21 - Kolzok, Gama, Rajun Kar, Nurchan, Tso Kar

Trek through Korzok to Gama, Gama to Rajung Kal, Nurchan and Tso Kal, overnight in camp if required.

From 22nd to 24th go to Leh and then back to Delhi

Head to Leh for the end of the trek. Please use it for sightseeing and shopping. After that, leave the place and head to Delhi

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