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snowline Trek

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Snowline Trek Overview

Snowline Trek in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular treks in the region, attracting thousands of trekkers every year. This trek is known for its stunning views of snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and pristine lakes. The trek is moderately challenging and covers a distance of approximately 12 kilometers from Dharamkot via Triund Trek, with an altitude gain of around 3,300 meters.

The trek starts from the beautiful hill station of Mcleodganj and takes you through dense forests of oak, deodar, and pine trees. The trail passes through several small villages, where you can meet the locals and get a glimpse of their way of life. The first stop on the trek is the Mana, which is known for its amazing beauty.

As you move forward, the trail becomes steeper and more challenging, with several ascents and descents. The next stop on the trek is the Karthani campsite. The campsite is surrounded by dense forests and offers stunning views of the Dharamkot and the snow-capped peaks of the Dhauladhar range.

From Karthani, the trail leads to the Triund Trek campsite. This campsite is known for its beautiful meadows, where you can spot several species of wildflowers and birds. The campsite also offers stunning views of the Dharamshala.

From Triund, the trail leads to the final destination of the trek, the Snowline campsite, which is located at an altitude of 3,300 meters. This campsite offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar range and the Kangra valley. The campsite is also known for its serene and peaceful surroundings, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long and challenging trek.

Overall, the Snowline Trek in Himachal Pradesh is a must-do for any adventure enthusiast. The trek offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural experiences, making it a truly unforgettable journey. With plenty of stay and dining options available along the way, the trek is also suitable for both first-time and experienced trekkers.

The best time to trek Snowline trek is from June to October when the weather is favorable for trekking. However, trekkers should be adequately prepared for unpredictable weather conditions and be properly acclimatized to high altitude.

It's advisable to take the guidance of a local trek leader or a expert guide to have a safe and successful trek.

Triund is among the most basic and easy Himalayan Trek. It is a breathtaking view that overlooks the Kangra valley as well as an ice-sealed Dhauladhar mountain range, Triund offers an entire view and an unforgettable hiking experience. The trek up to Triund or Laka Glacier trek shows staggering beauty and provides a stunning views of the entire Kangra valley.

Information about the Trek

Triund Trek with the visit to the snowline has seen an enormous amount of attention in the last few years due to its breathtaking views and thrilling trip. Set at an elevation of 3300 feet above sea levels, the views from the top of the Triund slope are sure to amaze visitors with the amazing beauty of the entire valley in front of you. With a huge amount of trekkers and lovebirds attempting the climb every year, this trek takes it a step further and will take visitors to the world-renowned Laka Got Ice Sheet to experience a good time and then skip ahead to enjoy from the outdoor possibilities.

Begin this thrilling hike up to Laka Glacier and get astounded by the breathtaking views of this region. Begin your trek from Mcleodanj quickly in the initial portion of the day, looking at the genuine and pure splendor of nature in the Himalayas until you arrive at Triund for short-term outdoor activities. Explore the most well-known and ideal route when you trek towards Laka Got Glacier, and when you reach it, construct the snowman, and take some amazing photos with snow that you will cherish for over the course of your life. Enjoy the stunning views of green mountains that are covered in snow, as you camp out at the top. Then, you can go into Mcleod Ganj with heaps of memories.

Treks in McLeodGanj have received a great deal of recognition One of them can be described as one called the Laka Glacier Trek that is located at 9500 feet. The trek to Triund and the Laka Glacier trek show stunning landscapes and provide an amazing panoramic view across the valley. This unique view will bring the opportunity to create lasting memories, and camping on the crest of the mountain is a pleasure to be a part of. To enhance the trip, trekkers can are encouraged to add an extra mile to their trek and hike to Laka glacier for a blast.

Point of departure and endpoint: Bhagsu Nag Taxi Stand, McLeodganj

Trekking distance: 12 km One Side

Maximum height: 3,300 meters

Temperature: In summer the temperature can vary in between 16 degrees Celsius to 25 degree Celsius throughout the daytime. However temperatures can vary between seven degrees Celsius as well as 10 degrees Celsius at night. In winter temperatures can range from 14 ° Celsius between 18 and 14 degrees Celsius in the daytime. However temperatures vary between 1 degree Celsius as well as 5 degree Celsius at night.

The route to Triund is short but not easy. The steep climb is offset by a delightful walk through pine and rhododendron trees. There are also a variety of birdsongs in the forest across the road, which makes it an ideal birdwatches paradise. Given that its a straightforward walk and easy accessibility to Dharamshala or Mcleodganj it is evident that there are plenty of trekkers that take this route, which makes it difficult to enjoy the tranquility of the area. It is likely to be crowded in the weekend or holidays. Its best to enjoy the scenic beauty of this trek on working days. McLeodganj is a town. McLeodganj is also an excellent opportunity to explore the most vibrant Oriental culture. Views from Triund hilltop are guaranteed to delight you with the beauty of the valley. Start your journey at Mcleodanj at a very early hour, and then explore the pure and natural beauty that is hidden in the Himalayas until you arrive at Triund to camp overnight. Take a look at the most well-known and complete trek up to Laka Got Glacier, and play with the snow to create the snowman. Take in the stunning views of snow-capped mountains that are green Dont forget to snap pictures.

Laka Glacier is located in Kangra Valleys hands , and remains hidden behind the majestic Dhauladhar ranges, making it an enchanting trekking. It gains fame due to the easy-to-learn trek since its terrain is easy to moderate. Because it is accessible via McLeodganj and Dharamshala this will make it the ideal choice for hikers. This trek could provide an adventure. Once you are at the most beautiful, breathtaking views of mountains covered in snow are described as breathtaking views to be seen.

The latitudinal position of Dharamsala has an advantage because it is located near proximity to snowline. When it is summertime, after hiking for only 13 kms it is possible to reach the snowline on Laka Glacier. Its one of the most popular and stunning hikes you can do within a brief time. In the months prior to the monsoon the glacier fills with snow, however, after July, the glacier begins to receding and melts between. There is no snow on the glacier during the post-monsoon time frame and all you see is the rock and regolith.

Best time to go on the Triund trek

The ideal time to go on to go on the Triund trek is during the months of May, June, September , and October. The weather during these months is pleasant and it can be colder at night. Monsoons can also be a great time to go on trekking the Triund trek. But, camping overnight is not an option in this time of year. In these situations it is recommended to stay away from camping and must stay in an accommodation. The Winter season is extremely cold in this area, but if you do not mind the frigid temperatures, you can hike in winter , too. When winter is in full swing the track will be less busy.

How do I get to the Triund trek

To complete for the Triund Trek, you need first get to Dharamshala first. From Delhi it is possible to reach Dharamshala via rail, air and by road. If you are travelling via air, you can fly direct to Delhi towards Dharamshala or select to connect via your city. If you are travelling via rail, the closest rail station can be found in Pathankot. To travel from there to Delhi from Pathankot you must book tickets for the for the Delhi-Pathankot Superfast Express or, if traveling from Mumbai and want to go to Mumbai, try the Mumbai-Jammu-Taw state. Once you haee reached your destination, you are able to hire a taxi or an express bus to Dharamshala which takes 3 hours. If you prefer traveling from Delhi by car and you are unable to hire auto-drive or taxi services or take the overnight train to Dharamshala. You can also arrange a self-drive taxi service to Delhi to Dharamshala that is accessible all through your stay, and also for your return trip.

Guides for Triund trek

  • Make sure you have a comfortable backpack along with other necessary equipment to make the hike.
  • Put on decent hiking shoes and carry additional socks.
  • Stay hydrated all day long.
  • Take a sweater, light coat, or perhaps travel in winter.
  • Use a sprain or pain-reducing spray in the case of injury.
  • Respect the other trek team members.
  • Follow the steps laid out in the guide.

Nearby attractions to visit

Lahesh Cave

Lahesh Caves can be explored on the trek to Triund. From Triund there is the Laka glacier extends two kilometers up, and you will discover the amazing Lahesh Cave. If you decide to camp for the night have a relaxing night around the campfire. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Norbulingka Monastery

The Norbulingka Monastery is a Buddhist monastery that is located

A few kilometres from Mcleodganj. With beautifully landscaped gardens, this location is a spectacular views. It is also possible to see Buddhist monks involved in various other projects.

The Snow Line Trek In Himachal Pradesh, Here’s What You Need To Know

Snow Line Trek In Himachal Pradesh

A snow line trek is an amazing experience that you can try while holidaying in Himachal Pradesh. This article focuses on the beauty of this destination and giving a detailed itinerary and tips for making your trip a memorable one!


The Snowline Trek is a low-moderate difficulty trek that starts from McLeodganj in Dharamshala and passes through mixed forests of deodar, oak and rhododendron the popular camping ground of Triund and Laka Glacier. McLeod ganj to Snow Line trek via Triund is a great way to see some of the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas. This trek follows one of the more established trails used by the Gaddi shepherds enroot their summer grazing pastures in the upper Raavi Valley and Lauhal. The views are stunning whatever difficulty this trek throws your way, so don’t hesitate to book your ticket today!

Snow Line Trek: Quick Facts

  • NATURE OF TRIP : Trekking
  • LOCATION: Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
  • DURATION: 03day (Mcleod Ganj – Mcleod Ganj)
  • TREKKING DAYS : 03 Days
  • MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: Snow Line – 3300 m
  • GRADE : Moderate (refer to our grading chart in the ‘Important Info’ section)
  • SEASON: April – June and October – November
  • ACCOMODATION: Tents – 2 nights.

Weather Details

During the summer, McLeod Ganj sees a temperature variation ranging from 23°c to 27°c. Mercury at times reaches up to 38°c, but never goes beyond that. During winters, the temperature can drop to -1° and the maximum temperature hardly goes up to 20°c.

Transport Options (Delhi – Mcleod ganj – Delhi)

There are many different ways to get to Mcleod Ganj from Delhi. You can fly, take a bus, or drive. The best option depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get to Mcleod Ganj, flying is the best option. Air India and SpiceJet have regular flights that connect Delhi with Kangra Airport. This airport is well connected to Delhi and other parts of the country by public transport buses and taxis.

The trip takes about 12 hours and costs around Rs. 1300 – 1500 per person. If you’d rather spend more time travelling, bus travel is another great option. Volvos provide comfortable seats and are available from various locations in Delhi. Buses depart every 30 minutes or so and take about 12 hours to cover the distance. The same is also applicable on the return journey. A private vehicle could also be arranged for if you require the same.

Is trekking a good activity for you?

There’s no denying that trekking is a great activity for individuals looking to get outdoors and explore new surroundings. But is it the right choice for you? Here are a few things to consider before making the decision to trek:

  • Location: Depending on your location, trekking can be an excellent way to get in some exercise and see beautiful scenery. However, if you live in a temperate climate, you may not need to worry about cold weather gear since it seldom snows in your area. In contrast, if you live in a colder region, like the Himalayas or Alaska, make sure you have adequate clothing and equipment for inclement weather.
  • Duration: As with any outdoor activity, the duration of your trek will depend on how much time you have available and what type of terrain you are exploring. For example, if you are planning a short trip that takes only a day or two, then shorter treks may be suitable. If however, you want to backpack for several weeks through rugged terrain, then you will need more extensive preparation and equipment.
  • Exercise Level: If you are relatively fit, then hiking through forested trails may not be too

Things to Carry:

When going on a hiking trip, it is important to pack as many things as possible. Here are some things to bring:

A hiking bag:

This will store everything you need while hiking. It should be lightweight and have a waterproof and windproof cover.

Hiking shoes:

These are essential for keeping your feet stable on the trails. Make sure to get good quality shoes that will protect them from rocks and thorns.

A backpack:

This will store all of your food, water, and other belongings while hiking. It should also be lightweight so that you don’t become too tired from carrying it around.

Sleeping bag:

This will help you get a good night’s sleep while hiking. Make sure to choose one that is comfortable and lightweight.


During the colder months, it can be difficult to stay warm. Bring along thermals to help keep you warm.


After a long hike, your skin may feel dry and irritated. Bring along moisturizer to help restore moisture lost in the weather.

UV Protected Sun Glasses:

UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin if they’re not protected. Wear sunglasses during trekking

What does it include?

The blog section for the article “Snow Line Trek In Himachal Pradesh” contains information about the snow line trek in Himachal Pradesh. This is a hiking trail that takes you to the highest point in the state, at an altitude of 3,329 metres (10,822 feet).

The snow line trek starts from McLeodganj and takes you through Triund. It’s a challenging hike, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll get amazing views of the mountains and valleys below, as well as experience some of the most stunningly beautiful scenery in India.

How long does the trek last?

The Snow Line Trek takes around 3-5 days. You will trek through forests and mountain ranges with sweeping views of snow capped peaks. The journey is an exhilarating one and you will be rewarded with breath-taking sights and experiences.

What should I bring?

When packing for your trek, make sure to pack layers to adjust to the changing weather conditions. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks and a first-aid kit.

Why visit Himachal Pradesh and what’s so special about it?

Himalayan region is the most popular tourist destination in India. Himachal Pradesh is one of the states located in this region. It is also known as the “Snowline State” because it has the highest concentration of snow-capped peaks in India. Some of the famous attractions of Himachal Pradesh are Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Spiti Valley and Leh.

Himalayan region is home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges and valleys. These ranges include the Himalayas, Karakoram, Hindukush and Hindu Kush. Himachal Pradesh is a landlocked state located in the northern part of this region. It shares its border with Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. Himachal Pradesh has a rich cultural heritage and history. The state was ruled by successive kingdoms until 1802 when it was annexed by British India. The state was later converted into a union territory in 1948 and became a full-fledged state in 1975.

What is the Snowline Trek?

The Snowline Trek is a popular trekking trail located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from the town of Dharamshala and takes you to the snowline at an altitude of 3,500 meters, offering stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.

How long is the Snowline Trek?

The Snowline Trek is approximately 12 kilometers long and usually takes 6-7 hours to complete, depending on your fitness level.

What is the best time to do the Snowline Trek?

The best time to do the Snowline Trek is from May to November, with the ideal months being May to June and September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant and the trekking trail is in good condition.

What is the difficulty level of the Snowline Trek?

The Snowline Trek is considered to be a moderate-level trek, with some steep inclines and rocky terrain. It's best suited for those with some trekking experience, but beginners with good fitness levels can also complete it.

Is it necessary to have a guide for the Snowline Trek?

Yes, it's highly recommended to hire a local guide for the Snowline Trek. The trail can be difficult to navigate, and a guide can help ensure your safety and provide useful information about the area.

What should I carry for the Snowline Trek?

Some essential items to carry for the Snowline Trek include comfortable trekking shoes, warm clothing, a raincoat, a water bottle, snacks, a first-aid kit, and a camera to capture the stunning views. It's also advisable to carry sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Are there any accommodation options on the Snowline Trek?

No, there are no accommodation options on the Snowline Trek itself, but you can stay overnight in Dharamshala before or after the trek. There are several guesthouses and hotels in Dharamshala that offer comfortable accommodation.

Is the Snowline Trek safe?

Yes, the Snowline Trek is generally considered safe, but you should always take necessary precautions and follow the instructions of your guide. It's important to stay hydrated, carry a first-aid kit, and wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

What are some nearby attractions to visit after completing the Snowline Trek?

There are several nearby attractions to visit after completing the Snowline Trek, such as the Kangra Fort, the Masrur Rock Cut Temple, and the Dal Lake. You can also explore the town of Dharamshala and visit the famous Namgyal Monastery.

How much does the Snowline Trek cost?

The cost of the Snowline Trek can vary depending on whether you hire a guide or not, as well as the season you go in. On average, the cost ranges from INR 1,500 to INR 3,000 per person.


Himachal Pradesh is a mountainous state in India that has been blessed with an abundance of scenic beauty. One such destination that is popular with tourists and locals alike is the Snow Line Trek in Spiti Valley. The trekking trail offers stunning views of snow-capped peaks, lush forests, rushing rivers and icy glaciers. If you’re looking for a memorable trekking experience, look no further than Himachal Pradesh!

Dalai Lama Complex

Dalai Lama Complex is a vast, tranquil place that includes café, library as well as a museum and lots of Buddhist monks. Discover Dalai Lama Complex once you arrive It will give you a chance to experience a brand new tradition and provide an unforgettable experience.