Galu or Gallu Devi Mata Temple Dharamkot

Triund Trek

Galu or Gallu Devi Mata Temple Dharamkot

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Triund Trek is Open Today

What to Pack For Triund Trek?

  1. A Day pack to carry a water bottle, camera, packed lunch, and personal clothing.

  2. Trekking Shoes in which you can walk comfortably.

  3. Sunscreen to avoid sunburn
  4. Carry comfortable clothes like a loose T-Shirt and trousers.
  5. Easyto carry woolen jackets to bear cold over Triund hill.
  6. Flip Flops slippers. 
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Strong backpack
  9. A torch 
  10. 2pairs of socks 
  11. Water bottles 
  12. Photo ID proof
  13. Walking poles  
  14. Medical certificate 
  15. Personal care medications

Book @ ₹800

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Galu or Gallu Devi mata temple dharamkot

Galu Devi Temple

Gallu Devi Temple I went there in 2001. When you start from McLeodganj towards Dharamkot, you will locate a pleasant charming sight. Before long you will reach Dharamkot, which is an tremendously decent place to be. You cross Dharamkot and arrive at a stature of 2130 mts. also, wind up in an edge secured with high trees and slopes. A little safe haven of Gallu Devi Temple remains there. This is, where vehicles stop, and an passionate adventure of Triund begins. This time, we returned from Gallu Devi Temple, though I trust, that next time, I will reach Triund. Here are couple of pictures from this decent small place.

This picture is of McLeodganj, as it is experiential from Gallu Devi Temple Hill top

On Way to Gallu Devi Temple Ah, picture I went up against approach to Dharamkot. The road is extremely lean, yet it is an interchange affair all together. You will sure adore it.

“This trek is not for the fearful” suggested Rohit grinning like a Cheshire cat over a cup of tea. Rohit, the owner of Rest-A-While cafe knows how to press our buttons. A trek that is unknown and difficult is just the thing we crave for.

It is 0800 hours and I am floating insecurely on the edge of the Gallu Mata Temple watching sunlight spread across the hilltops. The summer sun goes from misty dawn to blinding fireball in a matter of seconds. It lights up the Kangra valley in cloudy blue hues, dispelling the mist that hangs over the valley. It is then that it transpires on me, I haven’t seen a view this splendid from any place close to McLeodganj. Not unless, you count Himani Chamunda, which is much further east. Framed in the north by Dhauladhars, with their shiny snow covered passes and falling sharply into Kangra valley to the South, this Durga Temple rests on the edge of a green meadow. This is a place for seclusion seekers and introspection. I have the meadow to myself for the entire day. No tourists, no day trippers, no distractions. Gallu Devi Temple This is what Triund should have been yet alas, it is not! Gallu Devi Mata Temple