Yoga Teacher for Student and Corporate Groups

“A good teacher instils the love of learning, implants knowledge and inspires hope of living”

Just like a regular teacher, becoming a Yoga teacher is a matter of a lot of responsibility. A teacher infuses knowledge which helps the students learn and gain. Similarly, being a yoga teacher is a life-changing and striking fortitude that empowers a person to bequeath the treasure of the ancient art of yoga.

A yoga teacher is one who is a subject of expanding yogic theory, yogic wisdom and yoga as a lifestyle. However, one doesn’t just become a yoga teacher just like that. There happens to be a proper way. One has to take up the Yoga Teacher Training course and become a certified yoga instructor. These courses play a valuable role as they are designed to implement the tools that are required to teach others about this ancient practice called yoga, it also makes you aware of the major life-lessons to the students.

It stands to be true that these courses help you gain a degree and establish yourself as a Yoga teacher. Nevertheless, you need some qualities as well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Keeping a balance A yoga teacher needs to be balanced and patient both in an emotional as well as in a physical manner. This quality becomes essential as it allows students to depend on your teachings that become congruous from week to week, day to day. While this is an absolute necessity in aiming to find balance in certain postures on the mat, there is also a need for balance that goes beyond the asana practice. Emotional and mental balance helps you attain positivity and sensitivity which in turns strengthening a connection between you and others.
  • Explaining in Detail Thriving yoga teachers create a large class by building intellectual flows and delivering them acutely to their students. This doesn’t end with the correctness of asanas, but it also has to do with proper breathwork and the anatomical breakdown of the body. Also, explaining properly means to be able to test your students as and when required as well.
  • Designing your class in accordance with your students A yoga teacher needs to be compassionate. A classroom having an environment which is in accordance with the students helps them practice better with both ease and in an ideal manner. Since the students belong to different age groups a well-equipped classroom and a routine that is best suited for the students is very well accepted. Being the teacher it is your responsibility to design them in a particular manner that suits everyone.
  • Establishing Effective Communication Teaching yoga needs one to be a great communicator. It’s very important to think about the steps one takes to address a class, whether it be expressing in a tone that everyone can listen to or enunciating words so one is well understood. This is a learning process which goes on. Eventually, one gets to a place where communication seems effortless.
  • Evolving and Keep Learning Life is in itself a teacher and never really stops teaching us. As a yoga teacher, one must never stop being a student, despite how experienced one becomes. To fill your practice with excitement and become more innovative with your instructions, one must continue your education, whether it is about taking workshops, retreats, or pieces of training.

Sky Yoga Planet brings to you yoga teachers who are known to have the above mentioned qualities and mentor students to engage in self-love, self-awareness creating a sync between body and mind.

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