Best 10 Trekking Spots in Karnataka

Best 10 Trekking Spots in Karnataka

Interested in adventure activities and looking for a suitable sport for hiking? Karnataka has many beautiful trekking destinations. Here is information about the top 10 trekking spots in Karnataka.

Karnataka has beautiful climbing areas. In this article, learn about popular trekking spots near Karnataka.


This wonderful place is 80 km from Bangalore and just 4 km from Kolar. It's a great destination for many tourists and adventure enthusiasts. This place has caves and temples and has religious significance. It is famous for night hiking and night camping. Thousands of people come here for pilgrimage purposes. The temple is located in a dense forest and from here you can enjoy wonderful natural views. There are many caves at the top of the hill that can be visited on foot once you arrive. Many people camp overnight after reaching the summit.

Bilical Langaswami BettaM

This famous place is also near Bangalore. It is 75 km from Bangalore city and only 16 km from Kanakapura. Mysore is about 112 km from Bilical Betta. Bilikal Langaswamy Betta is a beautiful mound near Kanakpura and is the tallest of all mounds in the area. The term bilicarbeta means white rock. The place attracts thousands of adventure-seeking trekkers from Bangalore and surrounding areas. At the top of the hill is Lord Langaswamy's temple and the place is also of religious significance. The hike to the top of the hill is not difficult as it is well signposted. You will reach the summit in less than two and a half hours. The best time to visit this hill is from August to he January.


This trekking spot is located 103 km from Bangalore city. The nearest town to the scene is Mandiya, 58 km away. Bhimeshwari is a small town in the Mandhya district, located between Sivan Samudra Waterfall and Mekedatu on the Covry River. This place is known for trekking and weekend trips. This place is famous for ecotourism. The best time to visit Bhimeshwari is from he August to February. At this time of year, the area is home to a variety of birds, including ospreys, woodpeckers and kingfishers. Camping facilities are available at this time.

Nandi Hill

Located 60 km from Bangalore, this famous place is one of the most popular tourist attractions for Bangalore people. It is considered one of the best places for trekking and excursions. The Paral, Arkavati and Penar rivers all spring from these hills. You can reach the top of the hill by climbing about 1200 steps from the base of the hill to the top. Visitors also visit the Bhoga Nandyshwara Temple at the foot of the hill to see 1,000-year-old Nandi carvings. An early morning hike is comfortable and preferable.


Located at he 54.5 km from Bangalore city, this place is a famous city in Karnataka. It is one of the most famous trekking spots near Bangalore. The Ramanagara district is surrounded on all sides by seven hills and a river. Ramgiri Hill is one of the most famous hills located 4 km from Ramanagara. The famous Pattabhi Lama Temple sits on top of a hill and can be reached by climbing 450 steps. Ramanagara has rock climbing opportunities and is enjoyed by several adventure enthusiasts. It's a great tourist spot for camping, fishing, and birdwatching.


The place is located about 61 km from Bangalore city and near Nadi Hill. It is one of the best places near Bangalore known for night trekking and camping. A wide variety of birds can be seen at this location. This place is also known as Kalavara Durga and is a difficult hill to climb. Night walks are popular here, and on weekend mornings crowds gather to enjoy the sunrise. Breathtaking sunrise view is really happy. Hikers should bring water, snacks and flashlights when visiting the hilltop caves. The best time to visit Skandagiri hill is from May to December. brahmagiri hill.

The trekking site is 85 km from Madikeri and he is one of the most famous trekking sites in Coorg. The surrounding area is surrounded by dense forests and grasslands. The trek starts at the famous Irup Waterfall. There are many small streams on the trail. Kerala has a wide variety of hiking trails, from Brahmagiri Hills to Munikaru Caves and Thirunelly Temple. Trekking requires permission from the Srimangalla village forest manager.

Yedakmeri or Green Route Trek

This trekking spot is 100 km from Mangalore and just 30 km from Kukke Subramanya. A wonderful place in the Western Ghats and one of the most famous trekking destinations he. The Yedakumari trekking route is famous among adventure enthusiasts and photographers. The course is full of curves, tunnels and bridges. Enjoy views of over 25 waterfalls and several small streams. The best time to visit this place is around monsoon season.

Koda Chadri

The famous Kodachadri picnic spot is 75 km from Murudeshwar. It is a famous peak of the Western Ghats and a great place for trekking in Karnataka. There are several trekking routes on these hills and it takes about 5 hours to reach the top. Hiking trails lead to the top of Hiddleman Falls, offering breathtaking adventure and natural beauty. There are several places to stay at the top of the hill.


This destination is considered one of the best places for trekking in Karnataka. This is one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats. Trekking requires permission from his RFO of Kudremuk city. Hiking is permitted within the national park, but camping permits are denied. There are many hiking routes to the summit of Kudremuk. The most famous of these is the Samse-Murodi route, which starts from the village of Murodi and takes about 5 hours to reach the summit.

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