Trekking places near by Delhi

20 Top Camping Places Near by Delhi

There is something unique about escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, gazing at the stars, and enjoying grilled snacks around the campfire with friends and lovers. If you want to escape from everyday life, how about camping? Not only is it a welcome change from everyday life, but it can also be a relaxing experience. There are several campgrounds around Delhi. Here are some of the most notable ones

Best campsite in Haryana

1. Camp Tickling, Gurgaon

A great option for families looking for a place to spend quality time together. In addition to camping, Camp Tickling also offers activities such as paragliding, paintball, zorbing and jammaring.

Distance from Delhi:60 km

2. Camp Wild Dhowj, border between Gurgaon and Faridabad

Camp Wild Dowgy is he one of the best campgrounds near Delhi. From adventure sports to cozy and comfortable tents to a wide range of delicious meals, this camp has all the ingredients for the perfect vacation. In the morning, adventure activities include flying foxes, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, ATV rides, and zorbing. At night you can dance around the campfire to DJ music.

Distance from Delhi:61.5km

3. Camp Mustang, Sona Road

Camp Mustang is another camping option if you don't want to stray too far from the capital. Camp Mustang is also considered one of the best locations for office camping trips near Delhi. It's close to the city and the travel time is short, so it's perfect for families. Activities organized by the camp include team building activities, obstacle courses, trekking, rock climbing, village walks, shooting, zorbing, cycling, agriculture, astronomy, rocket launches and more.

Distance from Delhi:50km

4. Dandama Lake, Gurgaon

Surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains on one side, Damdama Lake is also a great option for camping enthusiasts who don't have many days. Just a few hours' drive from the city, this place is known for its natural beauty and excellent camping facilities. Activities include command nets, spider web boats, rock climbing and balance walks.

Distance from Delhi:62.5km

5. Camping in Mouni Hills, Haryana

Mouni Hills in Takkal His Toll, Haryana offers many reasons to enjoy a camping holiday. The outlook is wonderful. At night, you can see a clear starry sky, which is rare for Delhi people. Don't forget to bring your guitar!

Distance from Delhi: 260km

Best campgrounds in Uttarakhand

If you're feeling a little more adventurous and don't mind venturing outside the city, here are more options for adventure camping spots in Uttarakhand. These destinations bring you closer to nature and offer more memorable camping opportunities. 6. Beach Adventure Camp, Rishikesh

The banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh are one of the best campsites near Delhi. Adventure activities such as kayaking and river rapids rafting are available. At night you can gaze at the stars and enjoy a campfire. It can get quite chilly at night, so please wear proper clothing.

Distance from Delhi:260km

7. Mountain Camp, Mussoorie

Also known as the Queen of the Hills for its spectacular scenery, Mussoorie is a great weekend getaway from Delhi if you are looking for a great camping experience. Activities you can participate in include canyon crossing, rafting and trekking. Campfire nights and music contribute to the great weather.

Distance from Delhi: 295km

8. Binsar, near Almora

Apart from camping activities such as jungle camping, river trekking, rappelling and trekking to sanctuaries, be sure to experience the scenery of Kedarnath, Nanda Devi and Panchachuri with your own eyes. You'll also find oak trees and his over 200 species of flora and fauna.

Distance from Delhi:380km

9. Kanatal, near Danaulti

All campground facilities are available here, but you can also experience special thrills such as Tarzan swings, moogle walks, rock climbing, rappelling, canyon crossing and commando crawling. You can trek to Surkanda Devi Temple and Caudia Forest.

Distance from Delhi:317km

10. Kausani, Bageshwar

Kausani is probably one of the best places to camp near Delhi, as the hills of Kausani remind us of the magnificent Swiss Alps. It has always been popular with camping enthusiasts and is frequented by many visitors.

Distance from Delhi:440km

11. Mukteshwar, Nainital

Words cannot describe the beauty of Mukteshwar. In addition to the usual camping fun and activities, you can also participate in forestry workshops.

Distance from Delhi:344km

12. Nag Tiva Trek, Dehradun

To reach the base camp, you have to drive 85 kilometers and then hike 4 kilometers. After completing the trek to Nag Tiva Temple and Serpent's Peak, you can follow a route through jungle and meadows and spend the rest of the night camping and eating delicious food around a campfire.

Distance from Delhi:365km

13. Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

Lansdowne is known and loved for its fantastic year-round weather. But camping in this weather is a whole other experience. Whether traveling with friends or alone, Lansdowne is an unforgettable experience.

Distance from Delhi:240km

14. Camp Cali, Shuyat, Jim Corbett

Camping at Camp Carri is different from all the options we offer in this blog because it is located deep in the jungle of Jim Corbett. Take part in activities like mountain biking and paragliding, or follow wildlife tracks.

Distance from Delhi:264km

Adventure Campgrounds in Himachal Pradesh

15 Soran Kasauli

Kasauli is considered one of the most beautiful campsites near Delhi. Camping in Kasauli offers activities such as hiking, biking, archery, shooting, rock climbing and ziplining, as well as admiring the natural beauty of the place.

Distance from Delhi:288km

16. Kango Jodi, Sil Maul

Cango Jodi allows you to try self-camping. Sounds like fun, right? Activities offered here include trekking, hiking, nature walks, rope balancing, rappelling and bird watching. Tall pine forests create spectacular views. It's a very quiet place here, so it's good to meditate.

Distance from Delhi:275km

17. Shoghi, near Shimla

Shoghi's climate is suitable for camping even in summer. This is one of the quietest places to camp near Delhi. Whether you choose activities such as valley walks, cobwebs, hoop nets, shooting, or simply village walks and forest hikes, this place has something for everyone. Enjoy a campfire and delicious food.

Distance from Delhi:330km

18 Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Be sure to try a little-known hidden campground. If you choose Dalhousie to camp, take a few days off and enjoy the weather at this charming hill station.

Distance from Delhi:320km

19. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol is a paradise for camping lovers. From the weather to the food, from the beautiful scenery to the camping experience, everything is great in Kasol.

Distance from Delhi:280km

Adventuras Campgrounds in Rajasthan

20. Jajar Kaas Camp, Rajasthan

It is better to come here between October and he February to enjoy the pleasant climate that this place offers. At this camp, local artists perform music, including folk music performances. If you like food, don't miss to try delicious Rajasthani cuisine here.

Distance from Delhi: 273km

Camping is a great way to explore new places and reconnect with yourself. You can relieve stress and create wonderful memories by coming into contact with nature. Travel anywhere with family and friends this weekend, rent a Revv self-driving car and enjoy a hassle-free trip.

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