Triund Trek December

Triund Trek December

Triund, Latest Weather Update - 18 May, 2024

8.5o C
  • RealFeel Shade: 8.5o C
  • Air Quality: Good
  • Wind: 15.8
  • Humidity: 38
  • Sat 18, May
    Patchy rain nearby
    19.5o C
    7.4o C
  • Sun 19, May
    Patchy rain nearby
    20.1o C
    8.3o C
  • Mon 20, May
    Patchy rain nearby
    19.8o C
    8.2o C
  • Thu 1, Jan
    -10o C
    -10o C
  • Thu 1, Jan
    -10o C
    -10o C
  • Thu 1, Jan
    -10o C
    -10o C
  • Thu 1, Jan
    -10o C
    -10o C
Temperature graph

This graph shows the average maximum temperature (red) and minimum temperature (blue) for Triund.

Climate of Triund by month
  • January
    8o C
  • February
    11o C
  • March
    16o C
  • April
    22o C
  • May
    27o C
  • June
    28o C
  • July
    25o C
  • August
    23o C
  • September
    22o C
  • October
    20o C
  • November
    15o C
  • December
    10o C
The climate of Triund and the best time to travel
Climate of Triund

Triund has a tropical monsoon climate. You have high temperatures and a lot of rainfall throughout the year. The average annual temperature for Triund is 29° degrees and there is about 413 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 238 days a year with an average humidity of 41% and an UV-index of 6.

Climate averages for the whole year
    • Day: the average daily temperature during the day is between 12°C and 28°C
    • Night: the average nighttime temperature is between 7°C and 12°C
    • Rain: it rains 96 days and there is a total of approximately 414 mm rainfall
    • Sun hours: throughout the year there are 3550 sun hours
Maximum temperature: between 12°C and 28°C
Warmest month: 28°C in June
Coldest month: 8°C in January
Night temperature: between 7°C and 12°C
Dry days: 269 days
Days with rain: 96 days
Days with snow: 0 days
Total rain sum: 414 mm
Hours of sunshine: 3550 hours
Climate averages for the whole year

This graph shows the average amount of rainfall per month for Triund.

Climate table of Triund

In this climate table you can see at a glance what the average weather per month is for Triund. The data has been collected over a 30-year period, from which an average per month has been derived. From year to year the differences may be larger or smaller, but with this climate table you have a good idea of what the weather for Triund might be like in a given month.

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Trekking to Triund in December offers a unique experience as the region is usually covered in snow, creating a winter wonderland. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some considerations for a Triund trek in December:

1. Weather Conditions

  • December is winter in the region, and temperatures can be extremely cold.
  • Daytime temperatures may range from 0°C to 10°C (32°F to 50°F), while nights can see temperatures well below freezing.
  • Be prepared for chilly winds and low temperatures.

2. Snowfall

  • December is likely to have significant snowfall, transforming the landscape into a snowy paradise.
  • The trekking trail and the Triund top may be covered in snow, making the trek more challenging.

3. Trekking Gear

  • Wear multiple layers of warm clothing, including thermal innerwear, insulated jackets, and waterproof outer layers.
  • Use waterproof trekking boots with good grip to navigate through snow-covered trails.
  • Carry essentials like gloves, a beanie, and sunglasses to protect against the cold.

4. Trekking Difficulty

  • Trekking in snowy conditions can be more challenging, requiring extra effort and time.
  • The trail may be slippery, so trekking poles can provide stability.
  • Start early in the day to make the most of daylight hours.

5. Accommodation

  • Facilities at Triund may be limited in December, and some cafes or guesthouses may be closed.
  • Consider carrying your own snacks and essentials.

6. Safety Measures

  • Check weather forecasts and trail conditions before starting the trek.
  • Inform someone about your trekking plans and expected return time.
  • Consider hiring a local guide who is familiar with winter trekking conditions.

7. Altitude Considerations

  • Triund is at an altitude of around 2,828 meters (9,278 feet). Acclimatize properly and be aware of symptoms of altitude sickness.

8. Local Regulations

  • Check for any trekking permits or local regulations that may be in place during winter months.

Trekking to Triund in December can be a magical experience for those who are well-prepared for the cold and snowy conditions. Ensure you have the right gear, stay informed about the weather, and prioritize safety throughout your trek. Consulting with local authorities or experienced guides can provide valuable insights for a successful winter trek to Triund.

Other essential items to bring on the Triund trek in December include a backpack, a water bottle, sunscreen, a flashlight, and some snacks. It is also advisable to hire a local guide who is familiar with the route and can help you navigate the trail.

Overall, the Triund trek in December can be a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it is important to be well-prepared and to take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable trek.


The weather in January is cold, but bearable. Clear views of the Dhauladhar make up for the effort. Temperature range 10 degree celsius to 1 degree celsius.


Though February is a cold month to plan a visit, the temperature starts rising, making the overall weather pleasant. Temperature range 12 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius.


In March, the snow starts melting to give you amazing views of the Dhauladhar range. It’s one of the best months to visit Triund. Temperature range 18 degree celsius to 8 degree celsius.


With no rain and pleasant weather, visit Triund in the month of April to be mesmerized by its beauty. Temperature range – 20 degree celsius to 12 degree celsius.


Though the weather’s pleasant in the month of May, you can be troubled by some unexpected showers in the second half. Temperature range –26 degree celsius to 13 degree celsius.



In the month of June, monsoon hits the hill station, making the roads slippery and muddy. During this month, the weather can be unpredictable. Temperature range 24 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius.


During July, the monsoon comes with full force. This may cause some challenges on the trek. However, at the same time, you can catch views of the lush valleys. Temperature range 19 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius.



August can be pretty crowded, and monsoon subsides, giving way to pleasant weather. Temperature range 22 degree celsius to 14 degree celsius.


September is considered to be one of the best months to plan a Triund trek. The weather is pleasant and you can catch clear views of the Dhauladhar range. Temperature range 23 degree celsius to 15 degree celsius.


Most trekkers believe that October is the best month to visit Triund. The weather is pleasant and you don’t need to worry about rains. Temperature range 22 degree celsius to 11 degree celsius.


November is also a good month to plan a visit. However, the second half of the month can be quite cold. Temperature range 16 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius.


In December, the weather in Triund allows an awesome trek, but with extremely cold weather. Temperature range 12 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius.

If you want to enjoy the Triund trek and ensure that you don’t experience any issues, you should checkout weather conditions in advance. Still wonder what’s Triund temperature today? For information about Triund temperature today, safety precautions and more.


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