Triund Trek from Chandigarh CHD

Triund Trek from Chandigarh CHD




Triund Trek from Chandigarh

Triund Trek from Chandigarh CHD to Triund is a popular trekking destination located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. The trek starts from McLeod Ganj, a suburb of Dharamshala, and ends at the Triund Hill. The trek is considered easy to moderate and can be completed in one day. The total distance of the trek is around 9 km and the elevation gain is around 900 meters. The trek offers beautiful views of the Dhauladhar mountain range, and on a clear day, one can even see the Kangra Valley. It's also a great spot for camping overnight. The best time to trek is from April to June and September to November.

The Triund trek starts from McLeod Ganj, which is located about 260 km from Chandigarh. You can reach McLeod Ganj by taking a bus or a taxi from Chandigarh. The journey takes around 7-8 hours by car. Once you reach McLeod Ganj, you can start your trek to Triund Hill. The trek is a day trek, and you can return back to McLeod Ganj the same day. It's also a great spot for camping overnight as well. It's important to note that while the trek itself is relatively easy, the weather can get unpredictable and can also be quite cold, so it's important to be well-prepared with the right gear, sufficient food and water, and to keep an eye on the weather forecast.

Chandigarh is a city and union territory in India, and serves as the capital of both the Indian states of Haryana and Punjab. It is one of the first planned cities in India, and was designed by the French architect Le Corbusier in the 1950s. The city is known for its modern architecture, well-planned layout, and numerous parks and gardens. The city is also known for its cultural heritage and is home to many historical sites, including the Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, and the Open Hand Monument. The economy of Chandigarh is driven by the service sector, with a large number of government and private sector offices, educational institutions, and research and development centers located in the city.

The Bhakra-Nangal Dam is a multi-purpose concrete gravity dam located on the Sutlej River in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is one of the largest dams in India and one of the highest gravity dams in the world.

The project, comprising of two dams Bhakra Dam and Nangal Dam, was started in 1948 and was completed in 1963. The Bhakra Dam is located on the Sutlej River near the border of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, while the Nangal Dam is located downstream on the Nangal Hydel Channel.

The dam creates the Gobind Sagar Reservoir which is one of the largest reservoirs in India and provides irrigation and drinking water to nearby states and also used for hydropower generation. The Bhakra Dam is an important source of power generation in the region and generates electricity for the neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi

The Dam also offers multi-purpose benefits like flood control, power generation, water supply for irrigation and domestic use, and recreation opportunities.

It is also a popular tourist spot and attracts a lot of visitors every year to see the huge dam and the beautiful Gobind Sagar lake formed by the dam.

What is the Triund Trek?

The Triund Trek is a popular trekking trail located near McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known for its scenic beauty and offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

How far is Triund from Chandigarh?

The distance between Chandigarh and Triund is approximately 250 kilometers (155 miles) by road. The trek starts from McLeod Ganj, which is around 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) from Dharamshala.

How long does it take to complete the Triund Trek?

The trek to Triund usually takes about 4-6 hours to ascend, depending on your fitness level and pace. The descent can take around 3-4 hours. It is recommended to plan for an overnight stay at Triund to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views.

Is prior trekking experience required for the Triund Trek?

The Triund Trek is considered a moderately easy trek, and prior trekking experience is not mandatory. However, it is advisable to maintain a reasonable level of fitness and stamina to enjoy the trek comfortably.

What is the best time to do the Triund Trek?

The best time to undertake the Triund Trek is from March to June and September to December. During these months, the weather is generally pleasant, and the trekking conditions are favorable.

Are there any accommodation options available at Triund?

Yes, there are basic accommodation options available at Triund. You can either choose to stay in tents or opt for the Forest Department Guest House, which provides dormitory-style accommodation.

What should I carry for the Triund Trek?

Some essential items to carry for the trek include comfortable trekking shoes, warm clothes, a raincoat or poncho, a water bottle, a flashlight, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, energy bars or snacks, and a first aid kit.

Is there any food and water available on the trek?

There are a few small tea stalls and cafes along the trekking route where you can buy snacks and water. However, it is advisable to carry your own water and some packed food for the trek.

Are there any trekking guides available for the Triund Trek?

Yes, you can hire a local trekking guide at McLeod Ganj or Dharamshala who can accompany you during the trek. They can provide guidance, share local knowledge, and ensure your safety during the trek.