Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek


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Prashar Lake Trek lies 49 km north of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India, with a three storied pagoda-like sanctuary devoted to the sage Prashar.


The lake is situated at a tallness of 2730 m above ocean level. With dark blue waters, the lake is held sacrosanct to the sage Prashar Lake Trek and he is respected to have contemplated there.

Encompassed by snow-topped pinnacles and looking down on the quick streaming waterway Beas, the lake can be drawn nearer by means of Drang. There is a round, gliding island inside the lake,

which is a typical characteristic wonder discovered all around the globe. It is made out of plant matter in different phases of deterioration, and is held overhead by the oxygen in its plants’ underlying foundations.

The gliding land moves every which way in the lake. The coasting land covers 7% of zone of lake while water is with 93%.

The sanctuary was worked in the thirteenth century and legend has it was worked by an infant from a solitary tree. The lake has a gliding island in it and it is said to be indistinct how profound it is,

with a jumper not having the capacity to decide its profundity.

Strange Story

It is trusted that Sage Prashar contemplated the banks of this lake, henceforth it is named as Prashar Lake Trek. Bhima, one of the Pandava siblings, had made the lake. The story says,

after the Kurukshetra/Mahabharat war, Pandavas were coming back with Lord Kamrunag. When they achieved this spot, Kamrunag cherishes the peaceful environment and chooses to live here

for eternity. In this way, Bheem (the most grounded of the parcel) slams his elbow on one of the mountains and makes a major gouge in the land. This imprint progressed toward becoming Prashar Lake.

Till now nobody has possessed the capacity to discover the profundity of Prashar Lake.