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Dharamkot is a little slope station in Kangra region in the province of Himachal Pradesh, India.

On the peak of a slope above McLeodGanj, Dharamkot is a spot with wide perspectives of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar ranges. There are two or three little restaurants around.[citation needed] Several nonnatives have taken habitation in the region; all live in town homes and visitor houses.[citation needed] Dharamkot additionally has the Vipassana contemplation focus, Dhamma Shikara, just as the Tushita Meditation Center which is an inside for the examination and routine with regards to Buddhism in the Tibetan Mahayana custom. Dharamkot Trek

Past Dharamkot, at a separation of 9 km from McLeodGanj, a lot of which is an enduring ascension, Triund is at the foot of the Dhauladhar extends and is at a stature of 2,827 m. The snow line, which is considered[by whom?] to be the most effectively open in the whole Himalayan range begins from Ilaqua, 4 km from Triund. A decent walker[who?] will take around four hours to reach Triund from McLeodganj and another and a half to two hours to reach Ilaqua. After Dharamkot, one goes by the Galu Devi Temple when the trip and the trail progresses toward becoming demanding. 


The trek to Triund begins from Gallu Devi sanctuary, where individuals going for this trek are first requested to enlist their names. From Mcleodganj, an individual initially should reach Dharamkot by means of auto or you can just get a taxi directly to Gallu Devi sanctuary.

The trek for the most part is a straight course up to Triund. The separation is 11 kilometers and as a rule takes about 4– 5 hours.

The reason it’s called Triund is a direct result of the 3 mountains that an individual can see starting there. These 3 snow-secured mountains are normally snow topped consistently, so Tri implies three and Und implies mountains. There is no arrangement for power and toilets up there and the versatile signs are difficult to find.


The following stop after Triund is Snowline. It is a 2-3 hour trek from Triund and normally is a stop for those needing to go further up to Indrahar Pass. Snowline likewise shows sees and the elevation is additionally higher than Triund. There is just a single bistro up there. The snowline bistro as it is called, likewise has arrangements for camping beds and tents. Dharamkot Trek