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Triund Trek

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Are you an adventurer at heart? Do you seek to challenge yourself and explore the great outdoors? Then the Triund Trek is just what you need! This trek, nestled in the beautiful Dhauladhar range of Himachal Pradesh, offers breathtaking views and a chance to connect with nature. But before embarking on this journey, it's crucial to choose the right Triund Trek service provider. In this blog post, we'll give you all the information you need about what makes us stand out from other providers and how we can make your experience unforgettable. So without further ado, let's dive into the world of Triund Trekking!

Why choose us for your Triund Trek Camping?

At Triund Trek, we understand that trekking is not just about reaching the destination but also about enjoying the journey. That's why we provide you with an experience that's unique and unforgettable.

We are a team of experienced professionals who take care of everything from start to finish. We offer high-quality camping equipment, delicious food, and comfortable accommodation services throughout your trek. Our guides have extensive knowledge of the local area and will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Our services are personalized to meet your needs, whether it be for a solo adventure or group exploration. We can tailor our packages to suit your budget while still ensuring an exceptional experience.

With us by your side, you don't need to worry about anything except soaking in the stunning views around you! Choose Triund Trek Services for an adventure like no other.

What is the Speciality of Triund trek?

The Triund trek is one of the most popular and well-known treks in the region. The speciality of this trek lies in its stunning views, which offer breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

One of the highlights of this trek is the opportunity to witness a magical sunrise and sunset from the top. As you make your way up, you'll be surrounded by lush forests filled with oak, deodar trees and rhododendrons.

The trail itself is relatively easy to navigate, making it perfect for beginners who are new to trekking. However, there are still enough challenges along the way to keep more experienced hikers engaged.

In addition to its natural beauty, another speciality of Triund Trek is camping under a starry sky at night. With ample space available for camping on top of Triund Hill or at nearby campsites like Magic View Camps or Snowline Cafe & Camps.

The Speciality Of Triund Trek lies in its amazing scenery that offers an unforgettable experience for any nature lover or adventure seeker visiting Himachal Pradesh!

Is Triund trek safe for girls?

The safety of women while trekking has been a topic of concern for many years. However, it is essential to understand that Triund Trek is relatively safe for girls who take necessary precautions.

The trail is well-marked and frequented by trekkers throughout the year, providing adequate company and assistance if needed. Many female travelers have successfully completed the trek without any hassle.

However, it's always crucial to know your surroundings and be cautious when traveling alone or in a group. It's advisable to travel with trusted companions or join organized groups led by experienced guides.

Additionally, carrying basic self-defense tools like pepper spray can also add an extra layer of security during the journey. Being mindful of local customs and dressing appropriately will help avoid unwanted attention.

Triund Trek is generally safe for women as long as they remain vigilant and take appropriate measures towards their safety during the journey.

Is there toilet in Triund trek?

One of the common questions that many travelers ask before embarking on a trekking adventure is whether there are toilet facilities available along the way. When it comes to Triund Trek, this question often pops up as well. So, let's dive into the answer.

Firstly, it's important to note that Triund Trek is a moderately difficult trek and requires around 6-7 hours of uphill walking. Along the trail, you will come across several temporary stalls selling refreshments such as water and snacks but there aren't any permanent structures with toilets.

However, at Magic View Cafe - which is located at around 2/3rd distance from McLeodGanj - they have built some basic restrooms for their customers. It's also possible to use these restrooms even if you're not dining at the cafe by paying a small fee.

But once you cross Magic View Cafe towards Triund Hill Top or further down towards Laka Got Glacier or Indrahar Pass Base Camps, there won't be any toilet facilities available. Therefore, it’s advisable to carry your own tissue papers/wipes and maintain hygiene by disposing them carefully in garbage bins only when you reach back civilization.

While toilet facilities may be limited during your trip on Triund Trek – being prepared can ensure that it doesn’t become an issue during your journey!

What do you need to know about Triund trek?

Triund trek is a popular and scenic trek in Himachal Pradesh, India. It's a moderate level trek that requires some physical fitness and endurance. Before embarking on this adventure, there are a few things you need to know.

First of all, it's important to have the right gear for the trip. You'll need sturdy hiking shoes with good grip, warm clothes as temperatures can drop significantly at night and sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Secondly, make sure you carry enough water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and energized throughout the trip. There are several shops along the way where you can find basic supplies like water bottles, chocolates and biscuits.

Thirdly, it's advisable to start early in the morning so that you have enough time to reach Triund before sunset. The trail gets crowded during peak season, so starting early will also help avoid traffic jams on narrow paths.

Fourthly, be prepared for sudden weather changes as mountain weather can be unpredictable. Carry raincoats or ponchos if there's a chance of rain.

Lastly but most importantly - respect nature! Do not litter or harm wildlife in any way. Carry your trash with you until you find dustbins or designated waste disposal areas.

By keeping these things in mind before embarking on your Triund Trek adventure – it will ensure an unforgettable journey while respecting nature!

What are the 2 ways for Triund trek?

Triund trek is a popular destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers. It offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar range, making it an ideal spot for camping and trekking. There are two ways to reach Triund: one is from McLeod Ganj, which is shorter but steeper, while the other is from Bhagsu Nag, which takes longer but has a gradual ascent.

The first route starts in McLeod Ganj and goes through Dharamkot village. From there, you'll follow a steep trail that winds its way up to Triund. This route covers around 7 km and can be completed in about 4-5 hours by experienced trekkers.

The second option involves starting at Bhagsu Nag village and taking the more gradual trail towards Triund. This route covers approximately 9 km and takes about 6-7 hours to complete. Although it's longer than the first route, it's less strenuous on your legs.

Both routes offer scenic views of valleys covered with tall trees as well as snow-capped mountains looming in the distance. You'll also come across several tea stalls along the way where you can grab some snacks or refreshments before continuing your journey.

Regardless of which option you choose for your Triund Trek adventure, make sure to wear comfortable clothes suitable for hiking purposes – including sturdy shoes with good grip!

What is the total cost of Triund trek?

When planning for a trek, one of the primary questions that come to mind is the cost. The total cost of Triund Trek INR 800-1000 depends on various factors like travel expenses, accommodation, food and guide charges.

The base camp for the trek is Mcleodganj, which can be reached by bus or taxi from nearby cities. The transportation cost varies depending on your location.

Accommodation options at McLeodganj range from budget hostels to luxury hotels. You can choose according to your preference and budget. However, most trekkers prefer staying in tents during the Triund trek itself.

Food prices differ as well; you may bring snacks or buy them along the way. For meals, there are small shops offering Maggi noodles and tea while walking up towards Triund Hill.

For guide services charges depend on whether you want an experienced local guide or not.

It's important to note that this estimated cost does not include any additional gear rental fees or souvenirs purchased during the trip.

Is it safe to do Triund trek alone?

Solo travel is a growing trend, and many adventure enthusiasts prefer to explore the world alone. However, when it comes to trekking in remote wilderness areas like Triund, safety should be your top priority.

While traveling solo has its benefits such as independence and freedom, it can also pose some risks. If you are planning a solo trip to Triund Trek, there are several things you need to consider before setting off on your journey.

Firstly, make sure you have enough experience and fitness level for this trek because it's not easy for beginners. You will be walking through rugged terrain with steep inclines and declines that require stamina and endurance.

Secondly, always inform someone about your itinerary including the estimated arrival time at different places so that they can raise an alarm if something goes wrong.

Thirdly, carry all essential items required during the trip such as water bottles, food supplies (snacks), medical kit etc., which will ensure that you are safe throughout your journey.

Lastly but most importantly do not take shortcuts or try new paths without proper guidance from locals or professional guides who know the area well. Remember that even experienced trekkers get lost sometimes too!

By following these tips for safety during Triund Trek Solo Traveling Adventure provides great opportunities for self-discovery while allowing one's adventurous spirit soar amidst nature's beauty!

Can we take alcohol to Triund?

Taking alcohol to Triund trek is strictly prohibited and is considered illegal. The reason behind this prohibition is that the trail passes through a wildlife sanctuary, which means that any kind of littering or disturbance can have a negative impact on the environment.

Moreover, consuming alcohol at high altitudes can lead to dehydration and altitude sickness. This can be dangerous as it may cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and even unconsciousness.

In addition to that, carrying heavy bottles of alcohol will add extra weight to your backpacks making it difficult for you to carry them throughout the trek. It's important to keep in mind that the focus should be on enjoying nature while keeping it clean and preserving its beauty rather than indulging in alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, we strongly advise our trekkers not to bring any kind of alcoholic drinks during their trip. Instead, they are encouraged to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other fluids such as tea or lemonade offered by locals along the way.

What do you wear on a triund trek?

In summary, Triund Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations in India and offers an unforgettable experience to all nature lovers. With our expert services, you can make your Triund Trek adventure even more enjoyable and comfortable.

Before embarking on this trek, it's important to be prepared with the right clothing and gear. Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for hiking such as a good pair of shoes or boots, moisture-wicking socks, light layers of clothing that can be easily removed if needed, a windcheater jacket or raincoat in case of rain.

Additionally, carry essential items like sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, mosquito repellent cream or spray and a first-aid kit with basic medicines.

By following these tips and choosing us as your service provider for the Triund Trek Camping trip you're sure to have an enjoyable time while creating unforgettable memories amidst nature!

How long is Triund trek?

The Triund is a moderate trek that takes about a day to complete. It is located in the Dharamshala region of Himachal Pradesh, India and is about 9 km one way, with an elevation gain of around 1000 meters. The trek usually takes about 6-7 hours to complete one way, depending on your pace and the number of breaks you take. It is a popular destination for trekkers and hikers, and offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

Is Triund trek difficult?

The Triund: Triund is generally considered a moderate, although it can be challenging for some people. The total distance of the trek is about 9 km, and the elevation gain is about 1000 meters. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow, but it can be steep in some sections, and there are a few rocky and slippery sections. The trek can be physically demanding, especially at high altitude, so it is important to be in good physical condition and to acclimatize properly. It is also important to be properly equipped and to follow the instructions of your guide.

Which month is best for Triund Trek?

The best time to go on the Triund depends on your personal preferences and the type of experience you are looking for. The trek can be done throughout the year, but the weather and the conditions on the trail can vary significantly depending on the season.

Here is a brief overview of the different seasons:

Spring (March-May): The weather is pleasant during this time, with clear skies and moderate temperatures. The wildflowers are in bloom, making for a beautiful setting.

Summer (June-August): The weather is warm and dry during this time, with clear skies and high temperatures. The trails can be quite crowded, as this is the peak tourist season.

Monsoon (July-September): The weather is wet and rainy during this time, and the trails can be slippery and muddy. The views may be obscured by clouds, but the lush greenery can be very beautiful.

Autumn (October-November): The weather is cool and dry during this time, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures. The leaves on the trees change color, creating a beautiful setting.

Winter (December-February): The weather is cold and dry during this time, with clear skies and low temperatures. The trails can be covered in snow, making for a challenging and potentially dangerous.

Overall, the spring and autumn seasons are considered the best times to go on the Triund, as the weather is generally pleasant and the trails are in good condition.

Is Triund trek possible in one-day?

It is possible to complete the Triund in one day, but it is a physically demanding hike and not recommended for most people. The total distance is about 9 km, and the elevation gain is about 1000 meters. Depending on your pace and level of fitness, it could take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours to complete.

In addition to the physical demands of the trek, there are also logistical considerations to keep in mind. The last stretch of the trail involves a steep ascent, and many people find it easier to break up the hike by camping overnight at Triund. There are several basic campsites along the trail, as well as a tea stall where you can rest and have a snack.

If you are determined to complete in one day, it is important to be in good physical condition and to acclimatize properly. It is also important to be properly equipped, including carrying enough water, food, and warm clothing. It is always a good idea to let someone know your itinerary and to follow the instructions of your guide.

How much does Triund trek cost?

The cost of the Triund is INR 800-1000 depends on various factors such as the time of year you are planning to go, the number of people in your group, and the type of accommodation and transportation you prefer. This is just a rough estimate and the actual cost may vary

Here are some estimates of the costs you might incur while doing the Triund:

Permit fees: There is a small fee to enter the Dharamshala McLeod Ganj Forest Reserve, which is INR 25 per person.

Transportation: If you are coming from Delhi, you can reach Dharamshala by bus or train. Bus tickets cost around INR 800-1,500, while train tickets cost around INR 500-1,000. If you prefer to fly, the nearest airport is in Chandigarh, which is about a 3-hour drive from Dharamshala. Taxi fares from Chandigarh to Dharamshala cost around INR 2,500-3,000.

Accommodation: There are several guest houses and hotels in Dharamshala, starting from INR 500 per night. If you prefer to camp, you can carry your own tent or rent one at the starting point for INR 200-300 per night.

Food: You can pack your own food or purchase it at the local shops along the way. The cost of meals will depend on your preferences and budget.

Is night stay allowed in Triund?

Yes, night stays are allowed in Triund, a popular trekking destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. There are several guest houses and campsites located in the area where you can spend the night. The Triund region is known for its stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and many visitors choose to stay overnight in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the area. It is important to be prepared for cold temperatures, as the temperature can drop significantly at night, even in the summer months. It is also a good idea to bring warm clothing and a sleeping bag to stay comfortable during your stay.

Can Triund trek be done with kids?

Triund is a relatively easy that can be done with kids. It is a popular located in the Himachal Pradesh region of India, and it offers stunning views of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

The trek to Triund is approximately 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) each way and takes about 4-5 hours to complete. The trail is well-marked and well-trodden, making it easy to follow. It is also relatively easy to access, as you can start from McLeod Ganj, a town in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley.

That being said, it's important to keep in mind that children may tire easily, and the altitude of Triund (around 2975m) might be challenging for some, It's important to watch out for them and make sure they don't experience altitude sickness.

It's always best to consult with a pediatrician before planning any high altitude trek with kids.

Additionally, you should make sure that your children are in good physical condition and are able to hike for extended periods of time. It's also a good idea to bring plenty of snacks and water to keep them well-hydrated and energized during the trek.

Overall, Triund is a great for families with children, as long as you are well-prepared and take the necessary precautions.

Is Triund trek for beginners?

The Triund is considered to be a moderate level that can be attempted by beginners with some prior hiking or trekking experience. The trail is well-defined and relatively easy to follow, and the ascent to the summit is not overly steep. However, the trek is 9km one way and can take around 6-7 hours to complete, so it is important to be in good physical shape and have the proper gear and equipment before attempting the trek.

It's also important to note that the trek is at high altitude and the weather can be unpredictable, so it's important to be prepared for cold temperatures, rain, and even snow. It's always recommended to check the weather forecast and carry warm clothes, rain gear and trekking poles.

Triund Trek Night View

If you are a first-time trekker, it's advisable to do some training in advance, such as hiking and cardio exercise.

It's also important to be well-informed about the route and the weather conditions, you can ask locals, trekking organizations or your travel agent for more details.

Triund is a popular trekking destination located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is known for its stunning views of the surrounding mountains, including the Dhauladhar range. The night view from Triund is said to be breathtaking, with a clear sky offering a panoramic view of the stars and the surrounding mountains illuminated by moonlight.

Mcleodganj to Triund

McLeod Ganj is a suburb of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, India. Triund is a trekking destination located near McLeod Ganj, approximately 9 km away. To reach Triund from McLeod Ganj, you can either hike up the trail, which takes about 4-5 hours, or take a taxi to the starting point of the trek and then hike to the top. The trek is a popular activity for tourists and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes.

Triund Top

Triund is a popular trekking destination located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated at an altitude of approximately 2875 meters above sea level and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, including the Dhauladhar range. At the top of Triund, there is a small flat area with a few tea stalls and camping sites. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views, have a cup of tea, and even spend the night camping under the stars.

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Primary Activity-Trekking

Secondary Activities– Camping and Sight seeing

Starting point– McLeodganj,Himachal Pradesh

Ending point– McLeodganj,Himachal Pradesh

No. of Days– 2

No. of Nights– 1

Endurance– Medium

Best time to visit– March to December except monsoon


Destinations Famous for
1 Gallu Mata Temple Pilgrimage

Bhagsu Waterfall Nature, Adventure
3 Bhagsunag Temple 5000 Years Old Pilgrimage
4 Tibetan Museum History, Art
5 Gyuto Monastery Tibetan Culture, History, Pilgrimage
6 Naddi View Point Nature, Adventure, Serenity
7 Guna Devi Temple Pilgrimage
8 Dal Lake Nature, Photography
9 St. John in The Wilderness Church
10 Kalachakra Temple Pilgrimage
11 Dharamshala Cricket Stadium Sports

Complete Package from Delhi By Car

Delhi - Mcleodganj - Delhi

No of Persons Price

6 24300

6 23300

6 22300

4 18300
Tempo Traveller

12 38300

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Trekking is all about strength and determination. The easiest-trek, but it needs leg strength and energy to reach the top. It is an easy, and all you need is a will to be at the top. Begin your journey to be on top of Trekhill located at a height of 2875m. On the way, enjoy a sitting in the lap of nature. Experience the winning feel on reaching the top and relax your mind by listening to mesmerizing music sitting around the bonfire. On taking a tasty dinner, go to your accommodation for a night full of sweet dreams.

Day 1 Mcleodganj to Hill (4-5 hours of trekking)

10:00 AM Welcome at Dharamkot office guide brief
02:30 PM Reached Triund Top
08:00 PM Dinner

Day 2: Hill to Snowline and back to Mcleodganj (3-4 hours of trekking)

06:30 AM Sunrise view photography
09:00 AM Tea Breakfast
10:30 AM Return to the Dharamkot Start your day with aromatic tea and breakfast near your camp. Experience the cooling sensation and freshness in the air by wandering across your accommodation. Leave the place early in the morning for the Snow line located at a distance of 5kms approx. Spending some time at the Snow line left for McLeodganj in the afternoon.


Itinerary, destinations and scheduled departures may change without prior notice. - Please contact your Guest Relations Executive
Shubham 7526867371 Shekhar 9958308506 for further details, prices and bookings of optional activities.


  • Dinner on day 1 and breakfast on day 2

  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis at hill.

  • Sleeping bag


  • Transfer allowance from your location to Mcleodganj

  • Personal care items and soft drinks.

  • Anything that does not form part of the inclusions list above.

What to Pack?

  • A Day pack to carry a water bottle, camera, packed lunch, and personal clothing.

  • Trekking Shoes in which you can walk comfortably.

  • Sunscreen to avoid sunburn
  • Carry comfortable clothes like a loose T-Shirt and trousers.
  • Easyto carry woolen jackets to bear cold over hill.
  • Flip Flops slippers.
  • Sunglasses
  • Strong backpack
  • A torch
  • 2pairs of socks
  • Water bottles
  • Photo ID proof
  • Walking poles
  • Medical certificate
  • Personal care medications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triund Trek?

Triund Trek is a popular trekking route in the Indian Himalayas, located near the town of McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh. The trek takes hikers through stunning mountain scenery and offers breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar range.

Where is Triund located?

Triund is a small hill station in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Triund is a part of Dharamkot. Triund is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges and is at a height of 2,828 metres (9,278 ft).

How long does the Triund Trek take?

Triund is located in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an altitude of 2,828 meters above sea level.

How difficult is the Triund Trek?

The Triund Trek is considered moderate to difficult, depending on the physical fitness and experience of the hikers. The trek involves a steep ascent through rocky terrain, and hikers should be prepared for long walks and steep inclines.

What is the best time to do the Triund Trek?

The best time to do the Triund Trek is from March to June and from September to December. The weather during these months is pleasant and ideal for trekking.

What should I bring on the Triund Trek?

Hikers should bring comfortable clothing and shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle. It is also recommended to bring snacks and a light lunch, as there are no food stalls along the way.

Can I hire a guide for the Triund Trek?

Yes, it is recommended to hire a guide for the Triund Trek, especially for those who are inexperienced hikers. Guides can provide valuable information about the route and the local flora and fauna, and can also help with navigation.

What is the Triund Trek cost?

The cost of the Triund Trek depends on various factors such as the season, the mode of transportation, and the accommodation. On average, it can cost between INR 1000 to INR 5000 per person.

Is it safe to do the Triund Trek?

Yes, the Triund Trek is generally considered to be safe. However, it is recommended to trek with a guide or in a group for safety reasons.

What is the Triund Trek difficulty level?

The Triund Trek is considered to be a moderate trek with a few steep inclines and rocky terrain.

How long does it take to complete the Triund Trek?

It usually takes around 4-5 hours to complete the Triund Trek, depending on your fitness level and pace.

What is the Triund Trek distance?

The Triund Trek is approximately 9 kilometers long.

What is the best time to do the Triund Trek?

The best time to do the Triund Trek is from March to June and from September to December.

What is the Triund Trek height?

The Triund Hill is located at an altitude of 2,828 meters above sea level.

What is the Triund Trek temperature?

The temperature during the day on the Triund Trek usually ranges from 10°C to 25°C, while at night it can drop to around 5°C to 10°C.

Is there any age limit for the Triund Trek?

There is no specific age limit for the Triund Trek, but it is recommended that children below the age of 12 should not attempt the trek.

What is the Triund Trek duration?

The duration of the Triund Trek is usually around 1-2 days.

What is the Triund Trek starting point?

The Triund Trek starting point is usually McLeod Ganj, which is located near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh.

What is the Triund Trek ending point?

The Triund Trek ending point is the same as the starting point, which is usually McLeod Ganj.

How to reach McLeod Ganj?

McLeod Ganj can be reached by road from Delhi, Chandigarh, and other major cities in North India. The nearest airport is Gaggal Airport, which is around 15 kilometers from McLeod Ganj.

What is the Triund Trek itinerary?

The Triund Trek itinerary usually involves trekking from McLeod Ganj to Triund Hill, camping  overnight

Is camping allowed on the Triund Trek?

Yes, camping is allowed on the Triund Trek. There are several designated camping sites along the route, and hikers can set up their own tents or rent tents from local vendors.

Is there a best time to visit the Triund Trek?

The best time to do the Triund Trek is from March to June and September to November, when the weather is pleasant and clear.

Can I visit the Triund Trek in the winter?

The Triund Trek can be visited in the winter, but the weather can be very cold and the route may be slippery due to snow. Hikers should be prepared for extreme cold and bring warm clothing and gear.

Is there a cost to visit the Triund Trek?

There is no official cost to visit the Triund Trek, but hikers may need to pay for camping fees or guide services. It is also recommended to bring a small donation to leave with the local community, as the trek passes through their land. The price range for this particular accommodation starts at around INR 800 and goes up to INR 1000 per person, depending upon the inclusions of the package. When combined with trekking, the same package can cost you around INR 3000 per person.

Can I bring my pets on the Triund Trek?

It is not recommended to bring pets on the Triund Trek, as the route can be challenging for animals. Hikers should also be mindful of the local wildlife and not disturb any animals they may encounter along the way.

Can I bring my children on the Triund Trek?

The Triund Trek is suitable for children who are physically fit and able to handle long walks and steep inclines. Children should be supervised at all times and given appropriate gear to ensure their safety.

How do I book a trip to the Triund Trek?

To book a trip to the Triund Trek, visit the website and follow the steps below:

  • On the homepage, click on the "Triund Trek Booking" tab located in the main menu.
  • Select the date that you would like to begin your trek from the available options.
  • Choose the number of people in your group and any additional services you would like to add, such as a guide or transportation.
  • Enter your personal and contact information, including your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Review the terms and conditions and agree to them.
  • Click on the "Book Now" button to complete your booking.
  • त्रिउंड ट्रेक कहां से शुरू करें?

    धर्मकोट त्रिउंड ट्रेक का शुरुआती बिंदु है और त्रिउंड ट्रेक में तय की गई कुल दूरी धर्मकोट से 9 किमी दूर है। इस साहसिक ट्रेकिंग ट्रेल को देखने के लिए हर साल बहुत से ट्रेकर्स त्रिउंड आते हैं।

    क्या त्रिउंड ट्रेक अच्छा हैं?

    त्रिउंड भारत में आश्चर्यजनक और शांत ट्रेकिंग गंतव्य है और यह गंतव्य ट्रेकिंग के प्रति उत्साही लोगों के बीच काफी लोकप्रिय है । यह धौलाधार रेंज के निवास में धर्मशाला से 18 किलोमीटर दूर स्थित है। त्रिउंड सुंदर धौलाधार पर्वतमाला और कांगड़ा घाटी के बेहतरीन दृश्य प्रस्तुत करता है।

    त्रिउंड ट्रेक कितना है?

    त्रिउंड ट्रेक, मैक्लोडगंज | बुक @ ₹1000 केवल!

    क्या त्रिउंड ट्रेक एक दिन में किया जा सकता है?

    त्रिउंड करने के लिए एक उत्कृष्ट एक दिवसीय पर्वतीय ट्रेक है ! मैं बागसू जलप्रपात (धर्मकोट पथ से कम पर्यटक, लोगों से भरा और खाली प्लास्टिक की पानी की बोतलें) से ऊपर गया। इसमें लगभग 3:30 घंटे लगते हैं।

    You will receive a confirmation email with further details about your booking and payment instructions. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the Triund Trek team through the website or by emailing info[at]

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    Triund Trek Map

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    “Triundis a true heaven surrounded by spell-bounding Dhauladhar Range and panoramic landscape.”

    Triund is one of the highly explored treks that add thrill to your weekends. Settled in the lap of the Dhauladhar range and 18 km from Dharamshala, it provides a mesmerizing view of Kangra valley and snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges. If you are a beginner and love trekking, then Triund is perfect for you as it is an easy mountain trek. This is famous for its short length and sloped paths.

    Walking through the path and taking note of beautiful bird chirpings that come from the rhododendron and oak trees make Triund a pleasure for bird lovers.

    One can visit for this trek on weekdays or weekends depending on their interest. For peace lovers weekend is the best option, and for people lovers, weekdays are the best. Being well connected from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj, this exaggerating attracts a large crowd every year. Spectacular views of nature at different points of the day reflect the true beauty.

    Anyone can get lost in the aroma flows in the air and music of nature, but it is impossible to lose the way. Our complete guide will help in answering all your queries.

    Best Time

    Triund is open throughout the year March to June is best, when the weather is pleasant. These months offer delightful experience to the trekkers. The most spectacular Mountain View can we experienced in the months after monsoon. Also, December greets the trekkers with first spell of snow.

    How To Reach?

    Resides in close proximity to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. The beginning point of is near Dharamkot stand. You can reach the area through different means of transport and listed below:

    • By Air: The nearest airport to reach is Gaggal Airport which is approximately 22 kilometres.
    • By Rail: You can board trains from Pathankot railway station which is the nearest railway station to Mcleodganj.
    • By Road: Tourists often catch Volvo buses to reach for trekking.


    Apart from adding thrills to your trip, Also offers a variety of breathtaking sights to tourists. The list of the following is given below:

    A. The lofty Dhauladhar range:

    The trek sits right in close proximity to the Dhauladhar range. The mountains cater to enchanting views from the top. The wondrous beauty of nature is sure to capture your heart. Along with this, you get to see Arthur’s seat, Rifle Horn, and the Moon peak.

    B. The luscious Pine forests:

    Has a small section of trekking through the forests but this little segment has the most gorgeous paths all covered with huge pine and coniferous trees. Not only this, the forests are home to rhododendrons and oak trees.

    C. The amazing sunset view:

    The trekkers get to witness the beautiful sunset at the where the golden rays of sunlight fall gloriously over the mountain peaks in the pristine Kangra Valley.

    D. Dharamshala:

    A large number of tourists travel to Dharamshala every year to witness the beauty of its valleys and mountains. People from around the world visit Dharamshala to explore its Buddhist monasteries, tea gardens, Dalai Lama’s temple, and the well-known Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium.

    E. Bhagsu Nag Temple and Waterfall:

    Bhagsu Nag Temple is a 5100 years old temple where it is believed that Lord Shiva had prevailed himself. This place offers serenity and peace to its visitors. The sacredness of this holy place will surely win your heart. Additionally, there is a mesmerizing waterfall adjacent to the Bhagsu NagTemple that serves tranquility and composure to the tourists.

    F. Naddi View Point

    Another beauty that captures the hearts of the trekkers and tourists is the Naddi View Point. It is the best place to witness the awe-inspiring sunset. Also, this place offers authentic local delicacies which are too scrumptious to pass.

    G. Bir Billing:

    A splendid village located in the Joginder Nagar Valey of Himachal Pradesh, Bir billing is widely famous for its Tibetan refugee colonies, Buddhist monasteries, and adventurous activities like paragliding, trekking, camping, mountain biking to name a few.

    H. Palampur:

    Nestled in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Palampur is an enticing hill station. From Aromatic tea gardens to sparkling waterfalls, Palampur has picture-perfect sceneries to offer.

    How Hard Is It To Complete Triund Trek?

    Triund is one of the easiest and is perfect for first time trekkers. It is filled with slopes and horizontal trails and since the distance between Mcleodganj and Dharamkot is very short, will not drain all of your energy. The first 6 kilometres can be easily covered by anyone, no matter what your experience in trekking is. After this, you will have 22 steep curves in your way and now the game of physical and mental strength comes into play. Also, the trekking experience will depend on the climatic conditions and the time of the year you choose to visit. Winters and freezing temperatures makes it difficult to complete.

    Experience the beauty of the panoramic Himalayan ranges, blooming valleys, crisp winds, wondrous sunsets on top. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, pack your bags and let’s get trekking…

    +91 9958308506

    Best Tips To Keep In Mind

    Take an Expert Guide

    If you are a beginner, then find an expert guide or an experienced person. It will help you in safely completing. Only an expert guide can explain the latest guidelines issued by the government. For example, the government banned night camping at hill to maintain eco-balance. So the only option left is guest houses under the forest department.

    Start Practice As Soon As Possible

    Before planning for this trek, start working on your strength and eat healthy food. Check whether your body is flexible enough to accept the changes. Develop an environment of trekking at your home and practice daily. It will work as a prevention from possible injury.

    Purchase Comfortable Trekking Shoe

    Comfort comes first when it comes to trekking to hill. Wearing comfortable shoes helps in completing the trek easily. Change your shoes immediately if you feel any discomfort that can not be avoidable. Avoid shoes that can cause blisters.

    Keep at least Two-pair of Shocks.

    Commonly, we forget to keep our favorite pair of shocks while backpacking. You are committing a mistake if you think comfortable shoes are enough to complete. So once you finalize the trekking shoe, pair up the right shocks with them. Check the material like fabric and necessary properties such as sweatproof and waterproof etc.

    Develop Will power and Leg Strength Through Exercise

    It is obvious that for an exciting trek, willpower and leg strength play a major role. Add bench press, squats, and other strength-building exercises to your daily schedule. Apart from leg strength, start working on willpower. Once you develop these elements, the Trek will become an exaggerating experience for you.

    Practice Walking on Daily Basis

    Every doctor suggests that walking is beneficial for our health. It keeps us physically fit and prepares us to map paths on the trek. Once you are a pro at walking, start practicing walking harder for trek. Develop an environment like Trek and become an excellent trekker.

    Start Training with Backpack

    If you think walking, exercising, and determination are enough, then let me tell you it is not. You will not get a complete idea of how trekking feels like. Whenever you practice walking, carry a backpack filled with the necessary trek items. Check how much weight you can lift comfortably.

    Also, choose a backpack whose straps you can easily adjust while walking. After training, you will get used to carrying a backpack.

    Start Using Walking Poles

    The use of lightweight walking poles while walking reduces pressure on your legs and thighs. It works as an additional leg that distributes the weight of the entire body. Apart from this, it has multiple uses, For example, keeping aside the vegetation and many others.

    Prevent Dehydration While Trekking

    Water is the basic need of the human body. We have always been taught by our elders that keep water with ourselves. Trek drains all your energy and demands the correct fluid level in the body. Climbing up the hill results in increased breath, loss of fluid, and increased heartbeat. So, drinking the right amount of fluid helps in balancing all of the above results. Due to lifestyle changes, we forget to take enough water throughout the day. So keep your body hydrated by sipping a small amount of water at different time intervals throughout the day.

    Develop Healthy Eating Habits

    Your eating habits determine how long you will go. Your body demands more food when it comes to trekking up the hill. Practice eating a small and healthy meal at different points of the day. The best options to take on the trek are fruits that help in increasing your energy level. Avoid eating fried snacks and other unhealthy food items.

    Examine Your Fitness

    Fitness is the key to win against challenges that we encounter throughout the trek. You have to invest your valuable time and energy to reach the trekking point, and fitness makes it easier for you. Fitness allows you to squeeze out every drop of happiness and joy.

    All the above tips will help you in getting a lifetime trekking experience.

    Terms and Conditions

    Cancellation and Refund Policy:

    If cancellation is initiated 10days before the trek date, a full refund will be processed except for transaction charges. If cancellation is initiated 9th to 3 days before the trek, 80% amount will be processed for a refund. If cancellation is initiated between 3 days to 0 days before the trek, no refund will be processed.

    For more query email us at info[at]


    The relies on good weather conditions. There may be circumstances when we need to cancel due to bad weather conditions or unavoidable circumstances without any advance notice.

    Different Meals Option at Hill Top

    It is not possible to get many options in food at Triund hilltop. It takes a lot of effort to set up a restaurant and small tea stall on the hilltop. So the limited food shops you will get there sell at a higher cost. It is better to carry your food, energy-boosting fruits, and water to avoid dehydration. Keeping your water bottle helps in saving mountains from plastic waste. Also, bring back your plastic-waste with you in your backpack. Do not forget your responsibility towards mother Earth.

    WIll the ATM be Available or Not?

    Availability of ATMs is possible till Mcleodganj only. So keep the necessary cash while trekking up the hill.

    Do We Get Mobile Signals at Trek?

    You will enjoy full network coverage till Mcleodganj. Once you start the hilltop, you will feel some disturbance in the mobile connection. The motto of this Trek is to experience peace for a while. It is possible only when you will get disconnection from your mobile phone. You will be in the moment. Still, if you want to enjoy mobile connections, BSNL offers the best services.

    Emergency Support

    Hospital: Everything that challenges you comes with a negative side too. No doubt trekking gives us endless joy, it may turn into an emergency if not done with care. Dharamshala has taken all the measures to offer you a safe journey, still, every situation is not in our hands. So, the nearby hospital from your location is at approx 4 to 5kms named as Mcleodganj.

    Apart from this, you can take support from Delek Hospital. It was founded in 1971 by the Tibetan community residing in Dharamshala

    For nearby police stations, trekkers can connect to Mcleodganj police station.

    Last but not least, the Emergency Response Support System(ERSS) started by Pan India helps in immediate assistance. You need to press and call on 112 only.

    Why Should You Go For Trek Once In Your Lifetime?

    Hill is famous as the heart of Dharamshala or Mcleodganj, located at a distance of approx 9kms. This trek provides a spectacular landscape of snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra Valley. A beautiful trek enclosed by forest and best for all age groups makes it a perfect reason to explore at least once in a lifetime.

    Other Reasons To Explore

    Time: you need 1 night and 2 days.

    Distance: 10 km from McLeodganj (7 km to Bhagsu village and 3 km to Triund).

    Elevation: 2,850m over sea level

    Time Takes: for an average person, it takes 4 to 5 hours (one side).

    Beautiful Picture Points: you can take endless selfies and Snapshot at different points.

    Watching Stars: views of stars from Top generate an adrenaline rush inside you. It makes you spellbound.

    Triund camping costs range from Rs. 800 per person according to the inclusions of your packages. Its usually combined with a guided that will cost you around Rs. 1000 per person. Your stay and all food is included, as well as your guides fee too!
    Camping in Triund

    Camping in Triund is a popular activity for nature and adventure enthusiasts. The location offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, making it a great place to set up a tent and spend the night under the stars. Visitors can either bring their own camping gear or rent it from local vendors. There are also small local shops and food stalls where basic amenities such as food and water can be purchased. It's important to note that camping in Triund is subject to seasonal changes and weather conditions, and it's always a good idea to check the forecast and come prepared.

    Triund Night Sky

    Triund is a popular trekking destination located in the Himachal Pradesh state of India, known for its scenic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. At night, the sky in Triund is usually clear, allowing for stunning views of the stars and Milky Way galaxy. The absence of light pollution makes it an ideal location for stargazing and observing celestial objects.Official Website

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