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Peak Climbing Info



Royalty and
Size of Expedition Team

  • 1. More than one team may be permitted to climb Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) by separate routes in one season.
  • 2. A royalty of US$ 50,000 has been fixed for Sagarmatha for a team consisting of 7 members. The team may include 5 more
    members provided if it pays extra US$ 10,000 for each additional member. The royalty includes trekking fee of the team members.
    The team members will be granted three months visas. Additional US$ 20,000 will have to be paid by the team willing to scale
    Sagarmatha by normal South East Ridge route.
  • 3. In all regions including Khumbu, an expedition team can have up to 7 members forthe minimum royalty, and 5 more members for
    the additional royalty.
  • 4. The team already permitted to scale Sagarmatha will have to pay US$ 10.000 if it intends to change the ascent route. It will
    have to pay additional US$ 20.000 if it intends to change the ascent route to normal South East Ridge route.
  • 5. For peaks other than Sagarmatha, the team will have to pay additional 25% of the .royalty in US dollars to change the
    ascent route.
  • 6. Expedition team must complete all necessary administrative formalities and procedures in order to take back the garbage of
    the expedition team to their respective countries, after the completion of the expedition. Ministry of Culture, Tourism &
    Civil Aviation will take necessary monetary deposit from them, which will be refunded after the dispatch of garbage from Nepal.

Schedule 2 B

Classification For the expedition Including up to 7 membersestination

Peaks above 8000m
Peaks of 7501-8000 m
Peaks of 7001-7500 m
Peaks of 6501-7000 m
Peaks below 6501


For each additional member exceeding 7 members in expedition

Effective from 1992 Autumn.
The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has fixed the price of the deposit for the management of garbage by each mountaineering team which tries to climb any peak in Khumbu region. They are as follows:

Name of the peak


1. Mt. Everest

US$ 4,000or equivalent in convertible foreign currencies

2. Other peaks above 8000 meter

US$ 3000 or equivalent in convertible foreign currencies

3. All peaks less than 8000 meter

US$ 2,000 or equivalent in convertible foreign currencies

Mt. Cho-Oyu climbing fee halved
The government has reduced climbing fee by 50 percent for ascending 8,201-metre high Mt. Cho-Oyu for five years (from December 1, 2004 to November 30, 2009) in a bid to encourage mountaineers to use Nepali route while scaling the mountain.

A mountaineering expedition team with seven members had to pay the royalty of US$ 10,000 to climb the Mt. Cho- Oyu. Mountaineers have been using the Tibetan route to climb Mt. Cho-Oyu for sometimes. The Golden Jubilee of the first ascent Mt. Cho-Oyu was observed on October 19, 2004. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation had decided to mark the golden jubilees of the eight thousanders following the success of the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Mt. Everest in 2003 which had immensely helped boost Nepal’s mountaineering tourism in the international market.